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Rockaway Avenue

Beatrice Lebreton

Wisdom Along the Way, 2017

Stainless steel

Through Wisdom Along the Way, Beatrice Lebreton acknowledges and mirrors the rich cultural heritage of the neighborhood, which is home to many Caribbean (Jamaica, Guyana, Haiti, Barbados, Puerto Rico) and African American communities. People arriving in New York to start new lives, bring their language and culture with them, contributing to New York’s mosaic of cultures. The sounds of voices with different accents and dialects have their own rhythms, creating a kind of poetry in motion. To represent the unique cultural fingerprints, Lebreton selected proverbs from the various native languages to provide a sense of identity and connection. The sayings reflect peoples’ origins and also possess commonalities to all. The proverbs are paired with illustrations and create a playful interaction similar to reading a storybook.

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