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Sutter Avenue-Rutland Rd

Nancy Baker

Ailthanus and Chandelier, 2017

Painted stainless steel

Nancy Baker combines iconic imagery such as jewels, pearls and geometric shapes with elements that are constant and reflective of Brooklyn, like the Ailanthus tree. The Ailanthus tree is ubiquitous to Brooklyn and found in unlikely and inhospitable places. It’s beautiful lance shaped leaves pop up in cracks in the sidewalk and concrete walls and is a metaphor for the courage and determination of the people of Brooklyn. Chandelier references the idea of “lighting the way” and is a reminder of the feeling when the lights of the train appear down the tracks, signaling the journey home. Hummingbirds are elegant and high energy and represent the vibe of Brooklyn. In creating the artwork, Baker recalled her childhood car journeys with her parents and the feeling of spotting an iconic colorful building. Baker seeks to capture the same elated, moment of wonder and believes public art can be transformative and speak to everyone.

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