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Intervale Avenue

Michael Kelly Williams

El 2 and El 5, 1992

Glass mosaic on mezzanine walls

Michael Kelly Williams' mosaics, The El 2 and The El 5 draw their imagery from the experience of the elevated train - "the movement, the sound, and the sense of time, and the visual cityscape and lights." El 2, the artist says, "features a snake motif, seen in the track patterns, as well as symbols representing elevated structures and the signal lights in the subway." El 5 "suggests the movement of elevated trains throughout the city. Light is a major theme of the piece, especially the burst of light that envelops a subway train when it leaves an underground tunnel and becomes elevated. African and Native American influences are integral to the work, as are arch shapes suggested by tunnels and 'els.' Charged with energy, color, and music, reflecting myth and dance, these fulfill my wish to continue the tradition of mosaics in New York City's subway system."

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