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Marcy Avenue

Ellsworth Ausby

Space Odyssey, 2004

Faceted glass in mezzanine windows and platform windscreens

Ellsworth Ausby created eight triptychs for the station's platform windscreens that explore the relationship of man to the universe. In a subtle way, the brilliantly colored forms evoke the feeling of the swirling cosmos. For this commission, the artist produced a series of drawings later translated into a faceted glass. According to the artist, he is particularly attracted by "the idea of traveling in infinite space, which is as a passenger on the Earth Express line, experienced through the cycle of the seasons." He was particularly pleased to work with faceted glass windows, "a new and exciting medium for me to work with, ... These windows have allowed me to expand my understanding of the possibilities that this concept has as public art,....It is my hope that these windows express what I feel is the spirit of New York, the hustle and bustle, the fast pace of the city."

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