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MTA Arts & Design


Avenue U

Andrea Belag

Brooklyn Transitions, 2017

Laminated glass

For the Avenue U station along the F line in Brooklyn, artist Andrea Belag created Brooklyn Transitions, 30 permanent glass artworks installed on the North and Southbound platforms. Brooklyn Transitions celebrates the literal and figurative movement of New Yorkers. The six unique, painted compositions emphasize motion and the blending of color in her grand and vibrant gestural abstraction. Referencing colors found throughout the neighborhood surrounding the Avenue U station, Belag’s palette and painted marks aim to mirror the diversity of New Yorkers in transit, as well as the movement of the human body in space. The boldness of the brushstrokes and color in the work is in counterpoint to the industrial station design, providing an energetic burst of creative expression. Andrea Belag worked closely with glass fabricator Mayer of Munich to create the hand-painted laminated glass panels that now adorn the Avenue U station. Brooklyn Transitions creates a radiant, expressive beacon for MTA riders, neighborhood residents and visitors to enjoy at the Avenue U station in South Brooklyn.

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