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174-175 Sts

Roy Secord

Bronx Seasons Everchanging, 2018

Glass mosaic and glazed tile

For the 174-175 Sts station, Roy Secord created large-scale abstract paintings that are rooted in mindfulness, geometry and the balance between simplicity and complexity. The artwork is inspired by Secord’s own walking meditations in nature that take place throughout the year. Titled, Bronx Seasons Everchanging, the piece captures the color atmospheres of annual cycles of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter as well as their transitions. Secord uses the language of geometry and color block pixilation to express rich interplays of pigment and formal elements. The combination of these components creates a vibrantly spirited, yet calming impact on the viewer. Roy Secord aims to bring beauty, strength and inspiration from the renewal of nature’s seasons to the community of this Bronx station.

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