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62nd Street

Andrea Dezsö

Nature Rail, 2012

Stainless steel

Nature Rail, created by Andrea Dezsö, is a stainless steel sculptural work installed in the railings of the station’s transfer areas connecting the D with the N line. Nature Rail is composed of five modular compositions by Dezsö’s which can be combined depending on the location and configuration of the station railings.

The plant and animal life that survives on its own, in the urban environment surrounding the elevated train captured Dezsö’s imagination and served as the central theme of Nature Rail. Plants—trees, vines, flowers, and small, wild animals—grasshoppers, bees, birds and rabbits, are depicted in silhouetted details using laser cut-out with sandblasted finishes. The resulting work resembles the traditional paper cut, a popular folk art medium familiar to many of the ethnic groups who make Bensonhurst their home. For Dezsö, Chinese cut paper art may differ from Italian, Jewish or Mexican decorative and folk cut paper art, yet there are common elements among each, including natural subjects and varying degrees of symmetry. With her work, she creates a delightful visual focal point, which can be seen by all who enter the station as well as those on the street below.

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