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Jay Street-Metro Tech

Ben Snead

Departures and Arrivals, 2009

Glass Mosaic and Ceramic Tile on South Mezzanine wall

The intricate play of nature is the theme of Ben Snead's mosaic and tile artwork, which fills the south mezzanine with bold color and intricate patterns along a specially designed 103 foot-long curved wall. The work exhibits the artist's interest in natural species and ways of arranging them in systems and patterns that highlight the connections and relationships between dissimilar species.

The artwork - created in glass mosaic based on Snead's original paintings - features species that have migrated to Brooklyn as well as one species that is departing. He arranges the species in layers that can be seen from left to right: European starling (originally from England), a house sparrow (Europe), Red Lion fish (Indian Ocean), Monk parrot (South America) and Koi (Japan). The Tiger Beetle is represented on a tile background; a local species that is in decline. The result is a bold and graphic set of images that intrigue and delight passersby during their own departures and arrivals.

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