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Castle Hill Avenue

Priscila De Carvalho

Bronx: Heart, Homeland, 2015

Stainless steel

Based on the concept of past to present, encompassing the interplay of place, home, culture and identity, Bronx: Heart, Homeland depicts silhouetted images of people living in the urban neighborhood of the Bronx. The eight black stainless steel units, uniquely integrated within the station environment to create a narrative associated with everyday life in the neighborhood--a life, for most, that revolves around the subway station. The focal points of connections are linked between the home and the heart, both literally and metaphorically. Each silhouetted representation is displayed in different positions: skateboarding, selling books, walking on the street and taking pathways to the station. Man-made fragments of the 20th and 21st century of Bronx history are shown, such as the subway line, networks, electricity cables, telephone poles and other elements. The sculptures are imbued with visible presence not only for those who built them, but for those here today, tomorrow and beyond.

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