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96th Street

Antenna Design New York (Masamichi Udagawa + Sigi Moeslinger)

Bloemendaal, 2010

Stainless Steel

Within the vaulted ceiling area of the new station house located on Broadway between 95th and 96th Streets, the artists have created a profusion of flowers that appear animated. The hanging sculptural work consists of 180 polished stainless steel flowers linked together and arranged in rows that flow from the structure's steel traverse beams, creating ethereal layers of reflective surfaces with an almost ghost-like presence.

The artists' intent is to reflect the community's historic roots as Bloomingdale, derived from the Dutch "Bloemendaal" - Vale of Flowers. The installation is a memento of nature past, reminding subway riders of a time before the area became an urban neighborhood, changing their perception of place for a few fleeting moments.

The organic arrangement of the flowers and their light and airy quality bring life to the soaring volume of the interior space. At night, ceiling lights cause the flowers to glimmer and the overall effect is a subtle yet lyrical evocation of the idea of gardens and light. As transit riders emerge from the subway and climb stairs up to the street level, they glimpse the layered flowers, which change in appearance as people move past.

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