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Port Chester

Bernard Greenwald

Images of Port Chester, 2018, 2011

Stainless steek and laminated glass in shelter windows

Artist Bernard Greenwald created a series of panoramic paintings in 2011, Port Chester Scenes, inspired by sites in the Village of Port Chester as seen primarily from the train platform. The compositions reflect Port Chester's contemporary environs. Heightened color makes the imagery visually engaging and reflects the village's vitality and diversity. Each panorama is divided into separate panels that occupy the various windows while remaining a visually connected composition. Interpreted in laminated glass, the paintings are luminous and will change from day to night as the light shifts from natural daylight to illumination at night, providing a welcoming sight for commuters.

In 2018, as part of updated station construction, Bernard Greenwald expanded his original project and created Images of Port Chester, a related, meandering depiction of a linear trek through the Village of Port Chester, loosely based on what one sees while driving, walking, or riding the train—commercial, domestic, official and religious architecture; landscaping; people of all sorts walking through town; signage; vehicles parked and moving; and the serpentine shapes and crossroads of the streets. This new metal artwork is composed of fifteen original and individually unique pen and ink drawings, which Greenwald created during visits to Port Chester.

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