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Loren Eiferman



Home: Inside/Outside is inspired by the town of Pelham's early development by Benjamin Fairchild and Benjamin Corlies in 1896. Influenced by the historical time period, artist Loren Eiferman explored the idyllic concept of home, illustrating that home is anywhere and everywhere, including wherever you travel -- even if its a commute into Grand Central. The idealized notion of home is represented by period carpet-inspired designs in sectioned panels that are incorporated into the stations metal railings along the platforms.

Eiferman studied carpet and wallpaper designs of English textile designer William Morris and artisans of the Roycroft movement in her research of Pelham. She chose particular designs, as that would have been found in Pelham Heights homes during the 1890s. By integrating three distinct patterns within the station railings, the artwork creates the appearance of unified carpet segments visible from the station platform. Eiferman layered three separate yet intersecting decorated screens, fabricated in textured black painted steel, resembling painted woodEifermans usual medium of choice. Each carpet seamlessly incorporates the vertical lines of the already installed MTA standard railings, allowing the artwork to be visually read as planks of a wooden floor across the platform. On top of the railings, the viewer can recognize the 'carpets' interspersed throughout the station as if they were the carpets found inside a Pelham home.

Eiferman explains she "...would like the viewers eyes to linger on these carpet sculptures and find new shapes within the negative spaces I want these carpets to be visually contemplative -- like a modern day mandala in metal. These carpets can engage the viewer into seeing new forms and in that moment of engagement the viewer goes back home, is connected to the outside from the inside-is entertained-is elevated-is engaged in a new way, allowing them to meditate on the value of "home" and the ability to take that concept everywhere they may travel."

The artwork was fabricated by KC Fabrications.

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