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Alice Adams

Planting (dedicated to Long Island Tree Farmers), 1995

Paving, planting, seating, curving brick walls, and cast concrete tree balls with cast aluminum rope inserts

Planting is composed of a planters and trees, with paving, plantings, and curved brick walls that define the space. The artist intent was "to create an ensemble of functional and sculptural forms that is unique and specific to the region and together with the architectural structures makes a place that is memorable." Working with landscape architects, Adams had trees planted in rows within islands created by brick walls and placed "tree ball" concrete planters in the paved areas. The trees salute the importance of the nursery business and tree farming to Long Island's growth. To suggest tree balls and allow the planting of the trees, Adams designed a pre-cast concrete ring with metal support elements in the form of ropes that extend upward. Adams worked to reflect the station's design; the curved dormers of the station building are echoed in the curved walls. Her work articulates the placement of the buildings and platforms in relation to one another, creating a pleasant and harmonious space for those traveling through.

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