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Moe Brooker

Just Jazz, 2015

Laminated glass

Just Jazz is an unusual project for MTA Arts & Design, in that the project developed by LIRR, to provide parking for commuters and the Wyandanch Rising development, offered the opportunity for a large-scale exterior installation that will be a landmark for the community.

Twenty-eight glass panels were hand painted with bold color, expressive brush strokes and a vibrancy that is an exciting counterpoint to the new parking structure and tower's geometric order. The glass faces the site of a (planned) community green space.

Artist Moe Brooker's painted glass work is monumental at five stories high, yet is an inviting and welcoming beacon particularly when illuminated from within at night. The artwork reflects the jazz inspired rhythms and movement that Brooker cites as influencing his free flowing work. Jazz is part of the community's history as well, with musicians making their homes here, including John Coltrane, in nearby Dix Hills. Brooker's abstract work installed at the new building has passages that evoke exuberance as well as reflection. The glass artwork was interpreted from an oil pastel drawing by Mayer of Munich, who closely collaborated with Brooker. The artist has never witnessed his work at the scale it is here, and was profoundly moved by the experience. It is a fitting work to be located near the future planned home of the Long Island Hall of Fame at the Wyandanch Rising development, which is being built in conjunction with the parking facility and a new station coming soon to the community.

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