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Bayside Station

Ed McGowin

Bayside Story, 1999

Bronze relief columns and frieze on overpass

Bayside Story features spiral friezes that wrap around the support columns, bearing animal and floral motifs as well as bronze reliefs that celebrate local history and culture. Indians paddling a canoe have a central position in the work. Around them are a settler's homestead, a Revolutionary war soldier, a farm, and Fort Totten. Boxer "Gentleman Jim" Corbett represents local heroes; a yacht and checkered flag portray local amusements. Once home to the Native American Matinecocks, in the late 1800s, the wealthy built estates in Bayside. In the early 1900's, the community was the home to stars of the silver screen.

Commenting on the artwork, Ed McGowin, stated, "Community history can so easily be lost or forgotten...I consulted with the Bayside Historical Society and the community to choose significant local events and people...." The compelling result proudly tells the story of Bayside.

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