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Stewart Manor

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee

Come Back Home, 2018

Laminated glass

For the Stewart Manor station, artist Timothy Hyunsoo Lee created a series of 45 laminated glass panels entitled, Come Back Home. Inspired by and derived from a series of original watercolor paintings, Come Back Home responds to the landscape of Stewart Manor and to the community that lives nearby. The works take their inspiration from the flora of Garden City, extracting colors from the leaves as they go through the seasons. Lee used his signature painting style - incorporating fractal-like forms - to reference the seasonal plants found in Garden City. His paintings include the great variety of colors from these plants found throughout the year, with more vibrant greens seen in the spring and a kaleidoscopic array of yellows, reds, and greens and browns in autumn.

Lee worked with glass fabricator Tom Patti Design to translate his paintings into their final form as laminated glass panels. The compositions of the glass panels, located in three shelter sheds on the station's platforms, initially appear as landscapes - possibly manicured gardens - but closer inspection reveals abstractions in color and shapes that echo the timeless cycles of seasons, of lives, and on a smaller and more relevant scale, the daily commute.

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