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Mary Judge

American Season, 2018

Laminated glass

American Season is a meditation on seasonal changes, living in harmony with nature and each other, and societal changes that come with the passing of time. Judge’s work is in three parts that can be seen from multiple perspectives, including from the approaching train, walking through the Wyandanch station house, along the overpass and from the platform below, as well in the shelter shed at Pinelawn.

Rich colors radiate and envelop viewers passing through American Season: Pinelawn in the station overpass bridge. The bold lines recall the flare of approaching train headlights, or the speeding up and slowing down of a train. The symbolic expansion and contraction is punctuated with stylized flower beacons that are rendered in the style of a homemade sewing sampler. The recurring motif expresses the marriage of place, nature, and the technology of train travel.

Judge’s patterns and palette draw from variety of sources including Native American residents of the past, textiles from global communities of the present, and American Craftsman design style of the station house design.

Fabricated by Mayer of Munich, Judge’s watercolor drawings were translated into hand-painted and printed laminated glass panels.

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