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MTA Arts & Design


Manhattanville Bus Depot

Tomo Mori

The Wheels on the Bus, 2018

Laminated glass and stainless steel

For the Manhattanville Bus Depot, Tomo Mori designed The Wheels on the Bus consisting of ten panels of glass and a metal sculptural piece. The artist created giant bus wheels for the main entrance of the depot. inspired by MTA buses and the people who keep New York City moving. Determining the most effective fabrication method was intensive and resulted in the final piece including three-layers of mirrors, vibrant colors and metallic foils. The laminated glass artwork can be viewed and enjoyed from inside and outside of the facility. The metal sculpture connects with the sections of the glass to continue the design of the wheels, creating a unique interplay with the glass. The sculpture includes various finishes and careful details of bolts and nuts that are intended to evoke actual bus wheels. Buses are an important part of the Harlem community as residents navigate the expansive neighborhood and the depot building plays an important role in ensuring riders are well-served. The oversized wheels create a bold impact for the entrance, symbolizing movement, while the multi-colored patterns are representative of the diversity of the community. Tomo Mori created the original colorful artwork through layers of watercolor and was inspired by patterns of fabrics from various parts of the world. The multidimensional textures and colors depict emotions of people as well as connections within the community and the city.

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