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34th Street-Herald Square

David Provan

Yab-Yum, 1992

Kinetic aluminum sculpture at north end of station

A series of red wind paddles, each 12 long, hangs between the east wall of the station and each of the 14 columns that run the length of the wall. The artist's concept was for the delicately balanced paddles to spin and flutter in the wind generated by approaching and departing trains. From the artist's proposal: "As every veteran subway rider knows - whether actively or intuitively - the approach of a train is preceded by a gust of wind funneling down the track. It's my interest to build and install a series of subway 'wind paddles' that will utilize and make visible these subterranean breezes. The varying amounts of wind will set the brightly colored paddles floating, tilting, and spinning in descriptive patterns."

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