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Kip Rosser

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Ever wonder what instrument produced that eerie music in vintage cci-fi movies? It’s the Theremin, the grandfather of all electronic instruments, invented in 1919 by a Soviet scientist named Leon Theremin. To this day, it is the only instrument in the world that’s played without being touched. One of the most well-known thereminists in the world, Kip Rosser blends music, storytelling, performance art, and audience participation into his appearances. His full-length production, Unholy Secrets of the Theremin, in Manhattan’s 2005 New York International Fringe Festival, received overwhelming critical acclaim. In 2006, Rosser was officially endorsed by Moog Music and demonstrated the therapeutic applications of theremins at the annual American Music Therapy Association convention. His music has repeatedly won first place in the Avant Garde and Electronic categories on Spellbound, Cygnus Radio’s theremin program.


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