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Gillen & Turk

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During the last five years both Fred Gillen Jr. and Matt Turk have engaged audiences and refined their art in the Hudson Valley's fertile singer-songwriter scene north of New York City. On numerous occasions the two performers shared the stage and eventually became close friends. After months of rehearsals, several impressive gigs around New England and world-wide notice in an Associated Press article that featured the duo auditioning for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Manhattan, the news is finally out: Gillen & Turk are twisting their talent together into something new and exciting.

Gillen & Turk present both their acoustic and electric repertoire in a fashion that bends toward the recognizable folk-rock genre without losing any respective idiosyncrasies. Harmonies abound, along with singing that's tough, sincere, full of heart and soul. Guitars are front and center. There is also some spirited playing of the washboard and mandolin.


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