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VongKu Pak

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Vongku Pak is a Korean born, New York City-based performing and teaching artist and producer. He has been trained in Korean traditional folk arts, such as poongmul, samulnori and elements of traditional dance. He studied with Korea’s National Human Treasure, Hyungsoon Kim and Kibock Kim. He also uses his Western drama training from Brooklyn College, where he is completing his BA in theater, to bring new facets into his art. Integrating visual and theatrical elements, like narrative and dramatic structure, he enhances the traditions that he studied in Korea. Mr. Pak has been featured in Chihuahua International Festival in Mexico and Istanbul CID-UNESCO; and has performed in the Dominican Republic and 15 European countries, as well as, Korea. Locally he has appeared at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Carnegie Hall, and Lincoln Center Out of Doors. Mr. Pak has been featured on a film, Down Town Express (Dir. David Grubin), on Pix 11 Morning News, Fox TV’s Good Day New York, and appeared on recordings by Xtatica (Zardick)and Ishle Yi Park. He lives in Brooklyn and teaches drumming and mask dance.


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