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Mecca Bodega

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Mecca Bodega is a percussive driven band from New York City featuring imaginative rhythmists, Marc and Paul Mueller. With seven CD releases and extraordinary live performances, they continue to create unique, hypnotic sound that is fresh and challenging to the ear and spirit. Mecca Bodega's new CD "Skin" has just been released on Harmonized Records and includes high-energy performances by Djembe master Dr. Djobi and French Horn player/keyboardist Alex Brofsky. The instruments featured on their compact discs and movie scores range from African drums and Brazilian percussion to hammer dulcimer, found objects, guitars, didjeridoo, and voice. Mecca Bodega, as part of MUNY can be heard performing all over the city, from Grand Central Station to Lincoln Center. They are members of the Home Grown Music Network and were featured on National Public Radio's "New Sounds" and Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion" with Simon 7 of Didjworks. They've recorded several film scores, including HBO's Subway Stories directed by Jonathan Demme; they also appeared in this film.


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