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Dorian Spencer

"I've been writing songs on the piano and guitar since I was about twelve or thirteen, but I never thought I'd get to do this on a professional level, it was never a part of the plan."

MUNY performer Dorian Spencer has received accolades for his many performances in subway stations, clubs, parties, and busking on the street, which has led to his recording of Seeds, a four song, acoustic EP that he co-produced with Matthew Broyels. Seeds gained fame through word of mouth and busking and eventually financed the recording of his first LP, Garden. Seeds generates social and self examination, while his latter recording, Garden, is a document of his life so far. For Dorian, the process of writing Garden was almost purely therapeutic.

Dorian's music has been compared to Seal, Ben Harper, and Jeff Buckley. "Dorian writes songs that gracefully balance hope and despair and he sings them with a voice that overflows with earnestness," says, Randy Abramson of


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