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Since 1985, Arts & Design has managed the Music program presenting quality music to the commuting public. At present, more than 350 soloists and groups participate in Music Under New York providing over 7,500 annual performances at 30 locations throughout the transit system. Classical violinists, Cajun cellists, jazz ensembles, bluesmen, Latin guitarists, opera and folk singers are just a few of the performers in the subway and train stations contributing to the music culture of New York City.

For information regarding performing in the subway, view MTA New York City Transit Rules of Conduct, Section 1050.6 under 3.

Arts & Design introduced a new, refreshed look and logo for Music Under New York at the annual Music Under New York Auditions in May 2014. Arts & Design was honored to work with Paula Scher, a principal of the award-winning design firm Pentagram on the project. Building on the widely-known and recognized New York City Subway iconography design, Scher said "The new identity for Music Under New York connects music and the subway system in a logical and musical way."

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