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Photo Credits
Special thanks to Rob Wilson, long-time staff member at MTA Arts & Design, who has photographed MTA artwork beautifully for almost two decades.

Jan Baracz, Doug Baz, Nancy Blum, Edgar R. Buonagurio. Jr., Brit Bunkley, Millie Burns, Chris Kendall, Cathy Carver, Patrick Cashin, Peter Chin, Joseph Coscia, Jr., James Dee, Frank English, Dan George, Bill Gordy, Michelle Greene, Jane Greengold, Daniel Hauben, Nancy Holt, Michael Kamber, Taewon Kang, K K Kozik, Seong Kwon, Edward Lee, David Lubarsky, Kathleen McCarthy, Peter Mauss, Michael Moran, Museum of American Folk Art, Nick Pearson, Peter Peirce, Paul Rocheleau, © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein, Barbara Segal, Ken Shung, Tova Snyder, Irit Baniel Studios, Jeffrey Sturges, David Sundberg, Anthony Verde, Andy Wainwright, Jonathan Wallen, Paul Warchol, Daniel Willer, David Wilson.

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