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ON PAPER/ Grand Central at 100

Lightboxes, Grand Central Terminal Dining Concourse

September 27, 2013 – September 2014

ON PAPER/ Grand Central at 100, featuring the work of four noted contemporary artists working with paper-cut, is the latest and last offering in a year-long series of exhibitions organized by MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design mounted to celebrate the historic Centennial of Grand Central Terminal.

The four artists included here – Laura Cooperman, Rob Ryan, Xin Song, and Thomas Witte – present original artwork inspired by Grand Central. Created by meticulous cutting of black and white paper, each artwork is composed of four panels set in the lightbox windows that flank the dining concourse on the lower level of Grand Central Terminal. Lightboxes are lit from behind, thus highlighting the negative spaces that are removed by cutting the paper, and bringing the imagery into sharp focus. This exhibit is the first time the lightboxes will be used to display original art; they usually showcase photographic work.

ON PAPER uses Grand Central as a point of departure and source of inspiration for beautifully expressed works drawn from family memories, the grandeur of the Terminal's architectural space, the celestial vaulted ceiling and the romance of this fabled place. Papercut art is an ancient craft practiced by a wide variety of cultures around the world which has been rediscovered and reclaimed by contemporary artists. The exquisite detail and investment of time involved in creating such works are fitting in an exhibit that reflects on the passage of time in this historic architectural marvel. Together, the exhibit reveals ideas about time and space seen through the lens of a contemporary art form that echoes the high level of craftsmanship in the terminal's architecture and decorative elements, many of which were carved, not from paper, but from limestone.

ON PAPER/Grand Central at 100 invites you to enjoy these intricate papercut works. The exhibition will be on view in the Lightbox located in the Dining Concourse on the lower level of Grand Central Terminal from September 27, 2013 through September, 2014.

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