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Dave Greber
Fulton Center
July 2018 through October 2018

Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design, artist Dave Greber’s video installation Skyyys™ is the most recent digital artwork to appear on the screens at Fulton Center. In this work, Greber’s vibrant, digital abstractions are created using recognizable, colorful kinetic objects, such as balloons, bouncing balls, stuffed animals, and more. Skyyys™ playfully mimics the persistent activity and change that defines our material world and transit experiences. The digital artwork references the constant stream of visual information that we all experience daily, and in response, remixes this stream into an entertaining and witty new universe of familiar objects. The fluid pace, whimsical imagery, and prismatic palette of Skyyys™ creates harmonious visual-music that complements the pace of commuters at Fulton center, a likewise kaleidoscopic space of transition from street to subway in the heart of visually diverse New York City. Greber’s immersive 52-channel video installation can be seen for two minutes at the top of each hour in the Fulton Center complex and the Dey Street pedestrian tunnel that connects to 11 subway lines and the World Trade Center PATH station. The work will be on view until fall 2018. The work is presented by MTA Arts & Design with technical support from Westfield Properties and ANC Sports.

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