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2012–2013 Service Investments

As a result of our continuing efforts to contain costs finding ways to maintain improve and expand services that you, our customers, rely on every day to get to work, school and points in between, we are pleased to announce $29 million in service investments.

Some of these investments will restore services that were reduced or eliminated as part of the 2009-2010 budget-balancing cuts.  These investments are in response to changing travel patterns of the region and will also fund services that respond to the need for transit services in growing and changing neighborhoods.

These service investments are the result of careful analysis, meeting our goal of serving all neighborhoods and areas with the best and most frequent bus, subway or commuter rail service possible under our current financial conditions. The funding for these service investments is the result of both aggressive efforts to reduce and control costs and also revenues from growing ridership. It is our priority to ensure that both of these efforts continue.

The service investments on the pages that follow are proposed for Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad and NYC Transit Bus and Subway. All of these proposals have been approved by the MTA Board, and phasing in of these investments, which will take a year to complete, began last October.

You have our assurance that we are committed to the strongest, most efficiently operated transportation system we can provide to the region and promise you that we will make every effort to continue to make the kind of progress that makes these improvements possible.

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