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  Metro-North White Plains Station Improvements
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White Plains

White Plains Station Main Entrance Rendering
The White Plains station, Metro-North's third largest, will be getting a significant makeover that will make it safer, sleeker, more accessible, and technologically up-to-date for our customers.
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Starting in March 2018, as part of a $135 million Metro-North Station Improvement Initiative funded through the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Capital Program, construction is expected to continue to Q1 2021.

The project has been planned in phases to minimize disruption of your commute and enable you to move as easily as possible around the station and platforms.


Major changes to the station include:Station Improvement Collage

  • New side platform with radiant heat flooring for snow/ice control;
  • New replacement heated stairs from side platform;
  • New elevator at main entrance to side platform;
  • New bathrooms, ticket office, and food vendor space;
  • New and larger, glass-enclosed waiting area;
  • Upgraded main entrance;
  • New, expanded lobby, artwork, and newsstand;
  • Upgrades to the Main St. and Hamilton Ave. entrances, as well as the Mott St. tunnel;
  • New platform canopies with wood ceilings;
  • Addition of Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, electronic messaging, LED lighting, security cameras, and speakers throughout station.


Minimal impact on your commute

Service will continue throughout the duration of this three-year project. Look for the new train schedule issued to accommodate construction during off‑peak and weekend periods. Peak and reverse peak schedules will not change. Track and platform assignments for departing and arriving trains will change as the work progresses. In addition, some portions of the main platform will be closed briefly during construction.


Allow for extra travel time, listen for announcements

clockWhile this important work is being completed, customers should allow for extra travel time to access the open section of the platforms. Please listen for announcements and view signage directing customers to the proper platforms and tracks for boarding trains during each phase of this project.



parkingConstruction activities have been planned to minimize the loss of parking: Only 11 parking spots will be displaced in the commuter lot between Main Street and Hamilton Ave. Parking spaces are available in several nearby locations.


Being a good neighbor is important to Metro‑North

good neighborDuring this project, we will minimize disruption to your travel and minimize noise to the local community. We will communicate with you throughout the process.

If you have any questions or concerns please visit and click on Contact Us, or call us at 511 (877-690-5114 in Connecticut) and say "representative" to speak with a Metro-North customer service representative.


Phase 1:
March 2018 to Fall 2018
  • Abatement and painting of walls and bridges, construction of new canopies, and sidewalk improvements including signage at Main St., and Hamilton Ave. entrances;
  • Closure of southern end of main platform leading to Main Street and Hamilton Avenue, installation of new platform canopy and new amenities such as benches, trash bins, USB charging ports, ticket vending machines, lighting, speakers, and digital information displays;
  • Abatement of stairs and tunnel, with west entrance improvements at Mott St./north tunnel entrance.


Phase 2:
4Q 2018 to 1Q 2020
  • Closure of north end of main platform, replacement of canopy, expansion of waiting room and new bathrooms;
  • After completion of northern end, closure of middle section platform, including ticket office;
  • Demolition and reconstruction of an expanded waiting room, ticket office, on-platform vendor space and HVAC for enhanced customer comfort.


Phase 3:
1Q 2020 to 1Q 2021
  • Closure of side platform; demolition/reconstruction with new heated platform and canopy;
  • Installation of new side platform elevator, and heating elements in main staircase;
  • Demolition and expansion/reconstruction of the lobby including walls, ceilings and floors, with installation of improved HVAC in the lobby;
  • Installation of an information dashboard;
  • Installation of new sidewalk between Hamilton Ave. and the lobby entrance;
  • Extension of middle and side platforms at the north end of the station.


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