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West-of-Hudson St. Patrick's Day Service, March 16 & 17, Alcoholic Beverages Not Permitted on Trains, Platforms & Stations


On Saturday and Sunday, March 16 & 17, to maintain orderly travel for customers, alcoholic beverages will not be permitted on trains, platforms or at stations

On March 16, for customers traveling to the St. Patrick's Day parade being held in New York City, there will be one additional inbound and one additional outbound train on our Port Jervis Line.


An additional train, departing Port Jervis at 8:15 AM, making all stops through Suffern, then Secaucus at 10:14 AM and Hoboken at 10:27 AM, with a connection from Secaucus arriving at Penn Station at 10:37 AM.


An additional train, departing Hoboken at 5:19 PM and Secaucus at 5:29 PM, with a connection from Penn Station at 5:11 PM, making all stops from Suffern to Port Jervis.

On March 17 - Pearl River, N.Y., Parade

To accommodate customers traveling from the Pearl River Saint Patrick's Day Parade, on the Pascack Valley Line, there will be additional train cars added to the 2:13 PM and 3:29 trains departing Hoboken, stopping at Pearl River at 3:12 and 4:09 PM.

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