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Announcing the Official Metro-North Train Time App

Metro-North’s FREE Train Time App Gives Customers Even More info ON THE GO!

This app is yet another advanced tool in the series of customer information enhancements that we’ve been unveiling in recent years to help make your commute as easy as possible by giving you real-time information whenever you need it.

What information do you get from using this app? Everything you need to know on the go and more… it is loaded with real-time train status and track information, invaluable emergency service alerts and service advisory notices on planned changes, station information, schedules and fares, elevator/escalator status, parking availability and getaways packages.

You’ll notice a cleanly designed offering clearly defined categories from which users can, at a glance, begin quickly tapping their way to what they need to know.

What’s the next train departing your home station? Not sure what fare applies to your upcoming trip? Going to a meeting at a station you’re not familiar with? Don’t fret—you can get what you need to know from the Metro-North Train Time App!

And for those of you traveling into Grand Central, there is a map of the Terminal that pinpoints ticket windows, Ticket Vending Machines and kiosks locations.

Some highlights of the app include: (Click images to enlarge)

Service Status and Service Advisory Notices that are always at your fingertips with info on planned service changes along our territory, as well as emergency service details. And you’ll know if there is something going on that affects service because a special icon notifier (it resembles an exclamation point in a circle) will appear next to the Service Status link letting you know there is new content. • A “My Favorite Trip” feature that lets you personalize up to six trips (station to station) that you regularly take—your daily commute, for example, or occasional weekend visit to parents or relatives. You can easily edit the trip if any of your parameters change! • A Trip Search & Fares screen. Just type in from where and when you want to travel—early morning, late evening, whenever—and you’ll get info for 10 trains, including ones departing before and after what you input! You can select trip details or elect to find fares for the trip. Select a specific time and see the departure track, departure and arrival times, train stops and transfer points, if any. You can also see the status of elevator/escalator service (if available) at the station and you can see in real-time whether the train is on-time, early or delayed.
Whether you are a daily commuter looking for real-time info about your regular trip or an occasional traveler searching for the best trip option, the Metro-North Train Time App is the most convenient and accurate way to help you plan a seamless travel experience.

Our new and free app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones…  Download it today!

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