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Update: Right-of-Way Improvements (Sept. 2)

Track Work

Metro-North crews continue our aggressive program of track improvements to help ensure the safety and reliability of our service. Here's what was accomplished this summer:

On the Hudson Line, as of this writing, we are wrapping up track and drainage improvements on Track 3 -- the outbound track -- between Riverdale and Greystone. And once they are completed, work will immediately move to the outside (river side) Track 4.

Also, we are finishing up replacing the bridge timbers (rail ties) on the last of the four tracks on the Harlem River Lift Bridge (which is used by all three lines).

In addition, we finished switch replacements -- benefitting all three lines -- at three critical locations between Harlem-125th Street Station and just south of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. (This work was accomplished on weekends, so as not to disrupt your weekday commute.)

Finally, way up the line in Manitou, we completed the renewal of the grade crossing (and associated tracks) at Manitou Road.

On the Harlem Line, major track and drainage improvements were completed between Woodlawn and Melrose stations, and track work and drainage improvements started and are ongoing between Melrose and Harlem-125th Street Station.

We also completed track improvements from just south of Crestwood to just north of Hartsdale. This work will result in the restoration of regular track speeds in the vicinity of Scarsdale. Way up on the Wassaic Branch, two grade crossings were renewed at Chippawalla Road and Pleasant Ridge Road, and as of this writing, we should be wrapping things up on another crossing at Patterson Road (Route 311).

On the New Haven Line, track and drainage improvements are being completed between Larchmont and Bridgeport stations. And we have installed new switches at a critical point at Bridgeport Station.

At Saga Bridge, the Saugatuck River Railroad Bridge at Westport, we have completed installation of new bridge timbers on track 3 and track 4 in conjunction with the ongoing catenary project.

And at Walk Bridge, bridge timbers (ties) have been replaced on three of four tracks, with the last track being finished up at this time of writing.

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