Safety and Reliability Update 2020
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Safety & Reliability Update 2020

(Posted October 2020)

Metro-North is driven by its strategic plan, Way Ahead, a roadmap that details actions to enhance safety, service, infrastructure, communications, and transform customers’ day-to-day commuting experience.  Metro-North has realized key aspects of its vision, and that means customers can expect safety upgrades, improved communications, reinvigorated stations, renewed infrastructure, all of which translates to an overall more positive commuting experience.    

The year 2020 was exceptional as our company focused on assuring first and foremost the health and safety of our customers and employees during the pandemic. However, scheduling track work this year has been easier due to the lower ridership, which is currently at 22% of its previous year levels. Because of lower ridership, and a reduced schedule that is at 63% of normal, we have been able to focus on delivering many of our infrastructure improvements with minimal to no impact on service delivery.

Current Metro-North Safety Initiatives:

We will update this information on a twice-yearly basis so that you can monitor the progress being made by our efforts.