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Quiet Cars ® Now Available on All Inbound AM Peak & Outbound PM Peak Trains!

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Metro-North features Quiet Cars ® on all inbound AM Peak and outbound PM Peak trains on the Hudson, Harlem & New Haven Lines as part of our “Quiet CALMmute” program.

For those customers who have never taken one of our trains featuring a Quiet Car ® please keep in mind:

  • During the AM Peak (inbound to Grand Central), the LAST CAR of these trains will be designated a Quiet Car ®.
  • During the PM Peak (outbound from Grand Central), the FIRST CAR of these trains will be designated a Quiet Car ®.
  • Reverse Peak trains are not included in our Quiet CALMmute program.

Customers Traveling On Quiet Cars ® should:

  • Not use cell phones.
  • Disable sound features on computers & other electronic devices.
  • Conduct conversations in a subdued voice.
  • Use headphones at a volume that cannot be heard by fellow passengers.

To spread and reinforce the message about Metro-North’s Quiet Cars ®, conductors will hand out on an “as needed basis” specially designed “Shhhhhh” cards that explain the rules of etiquette in English and Spanish.

Please Note:
All regular announcements will continue to be made in the designated Quiet Cars ®. For those of you who wish to travel in our Quiet Cars ®, we say enjoy the “CALMmute.” For more information, call Metro-North Customer Service at 511 (in CT, 877-690-5114).

Quiet Car is the registered service mark of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) and is being used by permission.