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Quiet Commute Cars Now Available on All Inbound AM Peak & Outbound PM Peak Trains!

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Metro-North features Quiet Commute Cars on all inbound AM Peak and outbound PM Peak trains on the Hudson, Harlem & New Haven Lines as part of our “Quiet CALMmute” program.

For those customers who have never taken one of our trains featuring a Quiet Commute Car, please keep in mind:

  • During the AM Peak (inbound to Grand Central), the LAST CAR of these trains will be designated a Quiet Commute Car.
  • During the PM Peak (outbound from Grand Central), the FIRST CAR of these trains will be designated a Quiet Commute Car.
  • Reverse Peak trains are not included in our Quiet CALMmute program.

Customers Traveling On Quiet Commute Cars should:

  • Not use cell phones.
  • Disable sound features on computers & other electronic devices.
  • Conduct conversations in a subdued voice.
  • Use headphones at a volume that cannot be heard by fellow passengers.

To spread and reinforce the message about Metro-North’s Quiet Commute Cars, conductors will hand out on an “as needed basis” specially designed “Shhhhhh” cards that explain the rules of etiquette in English and Spanish.

Please Note: All regular announcements will continue to be made in the designated Quiet Commute Cars. For those of you who wish to travel in our Quiet Commute Cars, we say enjoy the “CALMmute.” For more information, call Metro-North Customer Service at 511 (in CT, 877-690-5114).