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State of Connecticut Issues Executive Order for Mask Usage on Public Transportation, With $100 Fines for Non-Compliance

Following the executive order issued in NY State on Monday, Sept. 14 establishing fines for individuals who are not wearing face covering on all Metro-North property, the State of Connecticut issued a similar order on Tuesday, Sept. 15. And although many of our customers are protecting themselves and others by wearing masks, now those who are not wearing a face covering, may receive a fine of $100 while traveling in Connecticut.

The new Connecticut State Executive order means if you aren't wearing a mask, or if your face covering doesn't properly cover both your nose and your mouth, you may be barred from entering or from remaining on Metro-North property, including being removed from trains and stations by MTA or Connecticut Police.

You can also be subject to a $100 fine.

For more information, see the fine print,

Thank you for your cooperation.