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New Schedules Effective Sunday, November 17

New schedules effective on Sunday, November 17, include service improvements due to completion of a major track improvement project in the Bronx.

On the New Haven Line: Running times for trains to/from New Haven have been improved on weekdays and weekends. As a result, a number of weekday PM Peak train times are adjusted, most by one to two minutes.

In addition, the 5:48 PM to New Haven will now depart Grand Central at 5:40 PM; and the 6:07 PM train to New Haven and 6:11 PM to New Canaan will trade departure times from Grand Central Terminal to better accommodate New Canaan Branch service.

On the Harlem Line: Look for minor adjustments to some weekday trains. See a new timetable for details. There are no changes to weekend service. Busing continues weekdays and weekends for Melrose & Tremont stations due to ongoing track work.

See a new timetable for details.

This schedule change will take place as we complete the Bronx Right-Of-Way Improvements in the critical six-mile section of track between Melrose and Woodlawn, and extend work on three of the four tracks from Melrose to the Harlem River Lift Bridge (just north of Harlem-125th Street Station) through the end of the year.

As we have mentioned in our updates on the Bronx Right-Of-Way Improvements, we expanded the work we are doing to other areas of the Bronx as well as portions of the railroad to the east and north.

While this work is essential, we do not minimize the impact it has had on your service. We have tried to minimize delays, despite the fact that track capacity has been reduced depending on when you ride our trains. This schedule change reflects some improvement to service while allowing the right of way work to progress.

We will continue to monitor our service and look to make additional schedule changes early next year following the completion of these right-of-way improvements.

To Our Danbury Branch Customers: The Connecticut Department of Transportation’s signal upgrade on the entire Danbury Branch (which results in better, safer, more reliable operation), will enable us to improve weekday Reverse Peak and Off Peak service with the addition of three new shuttle trains making round trips between Danbury and South Norwalk.

In the AM Reverse-Peak, a new northbound shuttle departs South Norwalk at 7:33 AM, getting customers to employment centers at Merritt 7 and Wilton before 8 AM.

New shuttles also depart South Norwalk at 10:08 AM and 10:40 PM. (The 11:15 AM from South Norwalk will depart 60 minutes later at 12:15 PM.)

In the Off Peak, new shuttles depart Danbury at 8:57 AM, 11:32 AM, and 7:25 PM. The 12:40 PM from Danbury will depart 52 minutes later at 1:32 PM. The last departure from Danbury will depart 36 minutes later, at 11:10 PM.

The 6:55 PM Peak train from Grand Central, previously connecting to a Danbury shuttle at Stamford, will become a 7:12 PM departure, now connecting to a shuttle at South Norwalk.

And finally, the last train to Danbury will depart South Norwalk 50 minutes later at 12:29 AM, giving those of you traveling from New York a post-11 PM departure on weekdays.

As part of the July 1 schedule change to accommodate the Bronx Right-of-Way Improvement Program, an additional diesel train serving the Harlem and Hudson Lines was put into service on the Danbury Branch.  This equipment increased Danbury Branch “through” service to Grand Central from three to four trains on an interim basis.  With the November 17 schedule change, the equipment will return to Harlem and Hudson Line service and Danbury Branch “through” service will return to three trains.  In order to maximize the use of equipment based on Danbury Branch ridership, these additional changes are being made:

• The 5:32 AM Peak train from Danbury will depart four minutes later at 5:36 AM and connect at South Norwalk with a main line electric train. Arrival at Grand Central is still 7:38 AM. While this train will require a transfer, the running time has improved by four minutes. 

• The 7:54 AM Peak train from Danbury, which was temporarily changed from a shuttle train to a through train in July in order to facilitate the Bronx Right-of-Way Improvement project, will remain a through train on a permanent basis.

See timetable for details.

There are no changes to the Hudson Line schedule.

Be sure to pick up a new timetable, available at outlying stations and in Grand Central Terminal to check for changes to your commute. Or you can view one at on our schedules page.

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