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Changing with the Season: New Timetables Effective April 3

MNR Timetable

(Posted March 10, 2016)

Our new timetables, which go into effect Sunday, April 3 look to improve performance in peak periods, accommodate track outages for crucial infrastructure work, and accommodate some of your suggestions.

To improve performance, we looked at peak trains with the highest ridership that  lost time enroute to their  destination due to longer dwell times at stations (because of ridership increases and/or bridge plates for track work slowing boarding), temporary speed restrictions,  track changes for track outages, or the cascading impact of other late trains.

What do we mean by "cascading impacts?" Here's an example: Let's say the 7:18 AM train from Mount Kisco is running 3-4 minutes late at North White Plains. This creates delays to five other subsequent trains; adjusting the schedule of this train and a few others by 2-4 minutes gives all six trains an opportunity to improve.

Here are some major changes you should look for:

On the Hudson Line

On Weekdays:

  • The 5:35 AM train from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central will depart 2 minutes earlier at 5:33 AM.
  • Arrival times of the 4:54 PM train from Grand Central to Croton-Harmon will be adjusted 1-2 minutes later from Morris Heights to Harmon.

On Weekends:

  • With so many of you heading to Manitou and Breakneck Ridge stations to hike, we've experienced longer "dwell times" at these stations of up to 10 minutes. To accommodate all of you nature lovers, we are adding three additional round trips to these stops.

On the Harlem Line

On Weekdays:

  • Eight AM Peak trains will be adjusted by 2-4 minutes to improve performance.
  • All four PM Peak Wassaic through trains have intermediate times adjusted by 1-2 minutes to improve performance at intermediate stations; Wassaic arrival times remain the same.

On the New Haven Line

On Weekdays:

  • Twelve AM Peak trains will have their schedules adjusted by 1-3 minutes to improve performance.
  • Five PM Peak trains will have their schedules adjusted by 1-3 minutes to improve and relieve congestion at Stamford around 7 PM.

On the Waterbury Branch

The Devon Transfer returns to service to accommodate needed repairs on the Devon movable bridge. The following changes will be in effect for Waterbury Branch customers :

  • Southbound customers who usually transfer to main line trains at Bridgeport will instead get off at the new Devon Transfer location.
  • Customers who travel to New Haven will transfer again at Bridgeport for a main line train to New Haven.
  • Northbound customers will be dropped off main line trains at the Devon Transfer and board a waiting train for Waterbury.

Be sure to check a new timetable for possible changes to your travel. They are available in Grand Central and at outlying stations, via our free TrainTime App for Apple and Android devices, and on our schedules page.

Please keep in mind: Track work will be occurring at night and weekends as we continue to rebuild our infrastructure. While we are performing work along the right-of-way (track, bridge work, etc.) and Metro-North employees are either on or close to the tracks, Federal regulations require all train engineers to sound the train horn. See a full explanation.

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