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Update: New Haven Line M8 Rail Cars July 13, 2015

This is the final customer report on the M8 rail car procurement

Current Status of the M8s

Delivered to New Haven Yard Under Inspection and Testing by Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc. Conditionally Accepted by Metro-North Railroad for Service Information Provided
405 (total) 0 380 Married Pairs and 25 Single Cars 7/13/15
404 (total) 14 single cars 380 Married Pairs and 10 Single Cars 4/28/15
404 (total) 20 single cars 380 Married Pairs and 4 Single Cars 3/25/15
395 (total) 12 single cars 383 2/9/15
393 (total) 11 (includes 9 single cars) 378 1/5/15
391 (total) 15 (includes 11 single cars) 376 12/17/14
385 (total) 11 (includes 7 single cars) 374 11/10/14
380 (total) 6 (includes 2 single cars) 374 10/6/14
380 (total) 12 368 8/28/14
376 (total) 12 364 8/1/14
372 (total) 16 356 6/26/14
366 (total) 18 348 5/30/14
360 (total) 30 340 4/30/14
336 (total) 30 306 3/3/14
318 (total) 18 300 1/31/14
312 (total) 20 292 12/30/13

State of Connecticut & MTA Metro-North Railroad Purchased 25 M8 Single Rail Cars

In 2011, twenty-five new single M8 rail cars were added to the 380 M8 rail cars already on order from Kawasaki Rail Car Inc. for use on the New Haven Line. The new cars are "singles," as opposed to the "married pairs". This provides the additional advantage of being able to add one car, instead of two, on trains and is a very efficient way to add capacity in order to meet ridership growth.

The roll out of the new M8s on the New Haven Line (NHL) hasdine been completed. Of the 380 original order, the first 38 were built in Kobe, Japan, and the remaining 342 were built at Kawasaki's plant in Lincoln, Nebraska.

M8s In Service

With the conditional acceptance of the 25 M8 single cars, the M4 and M6 triplets have been removed from train service.

The M8 trains operate during all service periods between New Haven, Stamford and Grand Central Terminal.

Three 8-car M2 consists will be kept available for service and will operate on an exception-only basis, should the need arise.

M8 Bike Rack Prototype

The Connecticut Department of Transportation and MTA Metro-North Railroad have conducted an extended test of a prototype bike mount system specifically designed and manufactured for the M-8 fleet. A total of 50 M-8 cars (odd car numbers 9101 through 9199) have been fitted with a pair of bicycle racks in order to gain additional feedback from customers.

Customers can provide feedback at

A plan to install additional Bike Racks on all odd number M-8 cars is being developed.

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