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Customer Safety Information

At Metro-North, Your Safety is Always Our First Priority

MTA Metro-North Railroad Safety

Learn What to Do in an Emergency

If you were on a train involved in an accident, would you know how to get to safety? Getting out of our trains in the rare event of an emergency is a safe and simple process. Follow these links and you'll know what to do.

At Our Stations/Along Our Right-of-Way

Put Your Best Foot Forward Safety Tips to Prevent Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries

Elevator/Escalator Safety Tips

Watch your step & follow these basic rules when using escalators or elevators.

Crossing Railroad Tracks Safely

Cross tracks only at designated walkways & crossings.

Why We Sound Train Horns

The sounding of train horns is a critical safety measure to alert customers, railroad workers and area residents of an approaching train.

Riding Safely

The MTA is dedicated to doing all it can to make riding trains, subways and buses as safe as possible, including  investing in new technologies and initiatives to operate equipment more safely, and partnering with Operation Lifesaver, the leading national organization devoted to safety education, particularly when it comes to railroad crossings.

However, safety is everyone’s responsibility – including yours.  There are simple steps you can take to avoid injury in our subway stations or on board our trains and buses. See safety tips and information that can help you do your part to ride safely and securely.
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