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For your safety's sake, we ask that you follow these basic rules when using escalators or elevators.

Before Stepping On The Escalator MTA Metro-North Railroad Elevator picture

Stepping On And Off The Escalator

When Riding Escalators

When You Enter And Leave An Elevator

MTA Metro-North Railroad Elevator picture
  • Enter and exit carefully. Watch your step.
  • Hold children firmly by their hands.
  • Stand clear of the doors - keep clothes and carry-ons away from the door opening.
  • Push and hold the Door Open button if the doors need to be held open, or ask someone to push the Door Open button for you.

When Riding On An Elevator

Mobility impaired customers who have difficulty using the escalator should use the elevator, where available.

If you see an escalator or elevator that is in need of repair, call our Customer Service Center at 212-532-4900.

To report an escalator or elevator accident or emergency, call MTA Police at 212-878-1001 or call 888-MTA-911-PD.

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