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We've Gone CooCoo For You...

Now, you can simply send a text message to get Metro-North train schedules, fares, service delays, and updates sent to any phone, instantly.

New text-based access to train schedules and more will be provided to Metro-North customers through a program with Long Island-based firm CooCoo. Now, Metro-North customers who do not have a web-enabled cell phone can just send a text to get train schedules, fares, service delays, and other details, all for free. Anyone with any phone and any service plan can use CooCoo right now. (Standard text message rates apply.)

Text message your station-to-station request, such as Rye to Grand Central, send it to 266266 (which spells CooCoo) and receive train schedules instantly.

CooCoo, along with Metro-North Train Time, is the latest in a series of enhanced Metro-North communication efforts. Through this program, the MTA hopes to provide not only the convenience of text message access to train schedules, but to reduce the number of customers using paper schedules which, in turn, will reduce waste and the printing costs.

For more information about how to use CooCoo, click here.

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