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Hudson Valley, CT & Beyond Getaways

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CONSTELLATION Over the Hudson River
Public Art Project by Melissa McGill

Every evening after sunset, from June 2015 through Summer 2017

Bannerman  Constellation

The experience

See the constellations on the ceiling of Grand Central and then travel just over an hour north on Metro-North's Hudson line to watch the emergence of a new public art work - a constellation hovering above Bannerman castle ruin on a mysterious island in the Hudson River, between Cold Spring and Beacon. Every evening, as the sun goes down, starry lights emerge one by one with the stars of the night sky.

Constellation is a large-scale sculptural light installation positioned around the Bannerman castle ruin on Pollepel Island in the Hudson River. There are 17 points of light in Constellation on tall aluminum poles that slowly light one-by-one every night as the sun sets for two hours before disappearing into the night. The starry lights refer to features of the castle still standing, as well as those details that no longer exist, and connect with the belief of the Lenape, the indigenous Native Americans of the area, that the stars of the Opi Temakan ("White Road" or "Milky Way") link our world with the next. Constellation aims to mark a path between past and present, light and darkness, heaven and earth, and the two shores of the river.


CONSTELLATION can be seen from the banks of the Hudson River, near Breakneck Ridge Station Stop. Come up to hike Breakneck Ridge and end your day with views of the CONSTELLATION at sunset. Metro-North's Hudson Line offers service to Breakneck weekends-only. Click here for station and schedule information.

See fantastic views of CONSTELLATION directly from your seat on Metro-North's Hudson line train car, looking toward the river between the Cold Spring and Beacon Stations.

Getaway with Metro-North, Save and see CONSTELLATION!
Pass Bannerman Castle and CONSTELLATION on an evening train, after enjoying one of these discount rail and admission Getaway packages:

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