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Metro-North Fare Change April 21, 2019 Q & A:

Q: Where can I get a copy of the new fares?

A: Printed copies of the new fares are available at Grand Central Terminal's info booth (under the clock) and the Station Master's Office, as well as at ticket offices in outlying stations. Fares are also available on our website, And they are automatically applied in the MTA eTix app and at our Ticket Vending Machines. We also have notices outside our Ticket Vending Machines detailing the new fares. New fares are also already printed in our new schedules that came out April 14.

Q: Which stations have ticket offices?

A: The following stations have ticket offices: Bronxville, Croton-Harmon, Fordham, Grand Central Terminal, Harlem-125th St., Mount Vernon East, New Rochelle, North White Plains, Port Chester, Poughkeepsie, Rye, Stamford, Tarrytown, New Haven, and White Plains

Q: If I normally buy a weekly ticket, when do I have to start paying the new fare?

A: On the 24th of April, when you buy your new weekly ticket, you will be paying the new fare.

Q: What happens if I bought weekly (or monthly or daily) tickets and I haven't used them all by April 21?

A: As long as you use your weekly, (or monthly or one trip) ticket(s) by the ticket's validity date, you will be okay.

Q: I went to buy my May monthly ticket yesterday and was unable to: what's the deal with that?

A: Starting with the May monthly ticket, the monthly commutation pass will not go on sale until April 25. In each following month, all monthly commutation passes will be sold on the new date, the 25th of the preceding month.

Q: I tried to buy a $50 MetroCard with my monthly ticket, and I couldn't get the machine to work?

A: Any MetroCard with a value of $50 will no longer be sold in conjunction with your Metro-North monthly ticket. You can purchase a monthly MetroCard at an NYCT machine, or you can purchase a stand-alone $25 MetroCard at Metro-North ticket machines.

Q: If I take a train that arrives at Grand Central Terminal or 125th St. before 6 AM, is it considered peak?

A: No, starting April 21, peak fares are only applied for trains that arrive at GCT starting at 6 AM, a whole hour later than before. Inbound peak continues until 10 AM.

Q: What about if I leave GCT after 5 AM?

A: Outbound peak fares also start at 6 AM. So, if you leave before 6, you will be paying an off-peak fare.

Q: I take a New Haven Line train from Grand Central Terminal to New Rochelle. Is there an increase in my fare?

A: Yes, since New Rochelle is in New York State, there is an increase in your fare, as the fares affect NY State travel. But if you travel from NEW HAVEN to New Rochelle, there is no increase in your fare. Travel must be solely within New York State for you to see an increase.

Q: My train stops in New York State, but I get off at Greenwich, Ct. Is there an increase in my fare?

A: No, if your trip is between New York and your stop is in Connecticut, there is no increase in your fare. The same is true if you are traveling from any stop in Connecticut to Grand Central Terminal.

Q: What if I am traveling from Connecticut to another stop in New York, like Fordham?

A: No increase in your fare.

Q: Ticket prices are going up, am I better off traveling by car?

A: Probably not. In addition to paying for gas and maintenance on your car, you will likely have to pay for parking which averages about $32 a day in midtown Manhattan, (and not including tolls or other incidental costs). Using the highest 10-trip peak ticket price on Metro-North that travels the farthest distance (TenMile/Wassaic), which is $27.25 per trip, using Metro-North for your commute would save you about $2,198 a year. In about the fall of 2020, you will have to pay for congestion pricing for any destination below 60th Street in Manhattan, so you will need to add that to your driving costs for comparison purposes.

Q: Can I calculate the savings from any location?

A: Yes, there is a calculator available at this website run by,

Q: How can I see a complete run down of the fare increase?

A: Go to our page detailing the changes,, or visit our fares page at


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