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Connecting Services

Buses, ferries, taxis... we have the connections with whatever it takes to get you to our stations and on our trains. Choose the connecting service serving your line from the list below.

If you need to know about which service is available at your station, visit our stations page.

Hudson Line Harlem Line New Haven Line

WCDOT Bee Line Bus CT Transit

H.A.R.T. (Housatonic Area Regional Transit)
WCDOT Bee Line Bus H.A.R.T. (Housatonic Area Regional Transit) WCDOT Bee Line Bus

Dutchess Loop Norwalk Transit

CT Transit Shore Line East
Newburgh-Beacon Shuttle Guaranteed Ride Home - Free Taxi Amtrak
Dutchess Loop

PART (Putnam Area Regional Transit)

Beacon Bus Loop G



GCT Transit Connections
Airport Connecting Services
Subway Service to/from Grand Central Terminal:    
Uptown buses on Madison Ave:      
Downtown buses on Lexington Ave:      
Crosstown buses on 42nd:      

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