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New Fares Effective April 21, 2019 for Travel in New York State

To Our Customers:

On Sunday, April 21, 2019, new fares will go into effect on the Harlem and Hudson Lines, as well as on the New Haven Line for travel between stations in New York State ONLY.

Look for the following specific changes:

  • For monthly and weekly commuters, fares will increase by no more than 3.85%. Monthly ticket increases will not exceed $15.00. Weekly ticket increases will not exceed $5.75.
  • Intermediate monthly and weekly ticket increases are also capped at 3.85%. Some one-way fares will have larger increases only because fares must occur in 25-cent increments. For these one-way fares, any increase greater than 6 percent would be not more than 50 cents per ride.
    • There is no increase for Monthly Tickets greater than or equal to $460.00.
    • There is no increase for Weekly Tickets greater than or equal to $147.00.
  • Monthly/Weekly UniTicket with connecting services will increase by approximately 4.0%.
  • Monthly Commutation tickets will be available for sale on the 25th of the preceding month, beginning April 25, 2019, so if you are purchasing your monthly ticket for May, it will not be on sale until April 25.
  • There is no increase for Family Fare tickets.
  • City Ticket fares will increase by 25 cents to $4.50.
  • AM Peak Restrictions have been modified to Weekday, AM Peak trains arriving in Grand Central Terminal and Harlem -125th St. 6 AM - 10 AM inclusive, and trains departing GCT 6 AM - 9 AM inclusive.
  • Effective May 1, 2019, for all tickets on Metro-North Railroad, $50 MetroCards will no longer be available in conjunction with your monthly commutation ticket.
  • Ticket offices and Ticket Vending Machines will continue to offer a round trip rail ticket with $5.50 Metro-Card on the back, and/ or you can purchase a stand-alone $25 MetroCard at the machine.

PLEASE NOTE: The April 21 fare increase does not affect ticket prices for travel between stations in Connecticut and New York, or between stations within Connecticut.

See tables below for sample fares:

Hudson & Harlem Line to/From GCT

New Haven Line (NY State only)

Intermediate Fares within New York State

We'd like to remind you of the timesaving and convenient purchasing options that will save you money:

The best and most cost-effective way to buy tickets is by purchasing multiple-ride tickets (such as monthly, weekly, or ten-trip tickets) in advance of your trip. Visit a ticket window or ticket machine, or use MTA eTix®, the free mobile ticketing app that lets you purchase tickets directly on your smartphone or mobile device.

Pre-tax federal transit benefits programs can help you save on commuting costs. Contact your employer and ask about participation that saves both you and your company money. See our Pre-tax Fare Benefits page for more details.

See more information. Or look for details in our Tickets & Fares brochure, available soon in Grand Central Terminal and outlying ticket offices.

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