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New Schedules on the Hudson, Harlem and New Haven Lines, Effective September 29
Bring Improvements in Frequency of Service and Travel Options

On the Hudson Line
  • Special Fall Foliage trains return to the Hudson Valley on three Saturdays, October 19, October 26, and November 2.
  • On weekdays, two southbound trains have 1 minute removed from their schedules.
  • There are minor adjustments to 14 week-day and 26 weekend southbound trains to accommodate track work.
On the Harlem Line
    The completion of Metro-North's SMARTRACK project between Mott Haven and Woodlawn, will improve train frequencies and travel options at Harlem Line Bronx stations and restores full weekend service to North White Plains.

    On weekdays:
    • More weekday service for Melrose and Tremont stations with: seven southbound and six northbound stops added to mid-day and late-night trains. In addition, 30 trains will have schedule improvements:
    • 17 southbound trains will have schedule improvements of 1 - 2 minutes;
    • 13 northbound trains will have schedule improvements of 2 - 11 minutes;
    • The 8:01 AM local train from Mt. Vernon West to Grand Central Terminal is restored to the timetable
    • 5 mid-day and 2 evening trains will continue to terminate at Crestwood due to the volume of trains and remaining track outages needed to complete the White Plains Station Improvement Project.
    • The 2:56 PM from Grand Central Terminal, adds stops at: - Williams Bridge, - Woodlawn and - Wakefield
    On weekends:
    • 14 southbound trains once again originate in North White Plains.
    • Bronx stops have been added to: - 17 northbound and - 16 southbound trains.
    • 3 southbound and 17 northbound trains will have schedule improvements of 2 - 7 minutes.
    • 15 northbound trains continue on from Crestwood to North White Plains.
    • 4 express trains in each direction between Southeast and Grand Central Terminal will no longer stop at Crestwood, Scarsdale and Hartsdale.
    • 2 temporary southbound late-evening trains from Crestwood to Grand Central Terminal are no longer in service.

    On the New Haven Line

    A new, early-morning train from Bridgeport to New Haven is added. Two westbound/inbound evening express trains have added a stop at Greenwich for a faster reverse commute trip to Grand Central Terminal. Other minor adjustments are made to provide reliable schedules and are designed to accommodate infrastructure projects.

    And, as a result of completed trackwork, 102 trains will have schedule improvements of 1 - 2 minutes as follows:

    On weekdays
    • 13 trains from Grand Central Terminal to Stamford,
    • 14 trains from Grand Central Terminal to New Haven, and
    • 3 trains from New Canaan and Stamford to Grand Central Terminal
    On weekends
    • 38 trains from Grand Central Terminal to Stamford, and
    • 34 trains from Grand Central Terminal to New Haven

    In addition, there will be the following week-day schedule changes:

  • There is a new train departing Bridgeport at 6:57 AM making stops at Stratford, Milford and West Haven, and arriving in New Haven at 7:25 AM.
  • 2 evening express trains departing New Haven at 5:40 PM and 6:39 PM now stop at Greenwich at 7 PM and 8 PM then continue to Grand Central Terminal
  • Several westbound trains from New Haven to Grand Central Terminal have the same end-to-end schedule times, with intermediate times adjusted for trackwork projects in various locations.
  • 2 Shore Line East trains to Stamford, (one departing New London at 5:43 AM and departing Old Saybrook at 6:47 AM) will depart New Haven 2 - 5 minutes earlier and have 2 - 5 minutes added to their schedules to allow for the slower operation of their manually operated doors at intermediate stations.
  • Know Before You Go! For quick access to schedule information, you can access: Metro-North's train schedules available online at available or at Or pick up a new schedule at Grand Central Terminal or at a station ticket office.

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