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Major Track Improvement Project Completed

Metro-North completed a major track improvement project in the Bronx the weekend of November 16 - 17. All four tracks in the area are back in service for the first time since the intensive upgrade began July 1.

In addition to the return of all four tracks to service in a six-mile stretch from Woodlawn to Melrose, track speed will be increased by 15 miles per hour to 75 mile per hours on three of the four tracks in the area for the first time in five years.

Since the summer, railroad forces have:

  • Removed 5,381 concrete tie
  • Installed 6,610 new wood ties
  • Installed 2,350 tons of new stone ballas
  • Trenched 6,350 feet of the right-of-way shoulder or between tracks to improve drainage
  • Installed new rail on various curves
  • Welded rail joints and installed new insulated joints
  • Excavated and removed 4,702 cubic yards of mud created by poor drainage along the tracks
  • Removed a significant amount of debris, garbage and graffiti on railroad property

“This intensive focus on track improvements is critical to the safe and reliable operation of the railroad,” said Metro-North President Howard Permut. “The complete rebuilding of this section of track is a major milestone in our ongoing effort to improve track conditions systemwide.”

“I want to thank our customers for their patience during the past six months as we expedited this extraordinary and essential track work,” Permut said. “We recognize the impact it has had on the railroad’s ability to provide reliable, on-time service. Metro-North’s goal is always to minimize delays even though track capacity was reduced by up to 50% during the recent work. With the completion of this major project, customers should notice improvements in the service.”

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