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  Metro-North White Plains Station Improvements
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Eastside Escalators Closed for Replacement

Please use alternate routes to travel between the upper and lower levels

The options include:

  1. East Concourse Grand Staircase
  2. East Elevators
    • Upper Level:
      Northeast Passage & Elevators between Tracks 21 & 23
    • Lower Level:
      Elevators between Tracks 104 & 105
  3. East Oyster Bar Ramp
  4. Graybar Passage Staircase
  1. West Concourse Grand Staircase
  2. West Elevators
    • Upper Level:
      Northwest Passage & Elevators next to Track 33
    • Lower Level:
      Elevators Next to Track Track 113
  3. West Oyster Bar Ramp
  4. West Escalators by NY Transit Museum
Upper LevelUpper Level Map
Lower LevelLower Level Map
Thank you for your patience while we complete this important replacement work.
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