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New Timetables Coming November 9 Continue Service Improvements


New timetables, effective Sunday, November 9, contain schedule adjustments that improve reliability and, on the New Haven Line, increase the frequency of service.

Also, PM Reverse Peak trains arriving in Grand Central between 5 PM and 7 PM have an additional one to two minutes of running time between Harlem-125th Street and the Terminal.

Overall changes range from one to five minutes, so be sure to check the timetable for possible changes to your commute.

Major service changes to look for by line include:

On the Hudson Line in the AM Peak, Ossining has been added as a stop to the 6:38 AM train from Croton-Harmon, and will be the first stop on the 7:12 AM train from Ossining, which will now depart one minute earlier at Scarborough at 7:15 AM. This is to allow for improved connections with the Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry. If you don't take the ferry, these changes will have almost no impact on your commute.

On the Harlem Line, to reduce congestion on the Upper Harlem Line in the PM Peak, the 5:27 PM train from Grand Central will now stop at Southeast, and the 5:29 PM train will no longer stop there. If you travel on the 5:29 PM to Southeast, please consult the November 9 timetables for alternate travel options.

On the New Haven Line in conjunction with the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT), we are adding weekday off-peak and weekend half-hourly service between New Haven and Grand Central.

On the Waterbury Branch, look for the addition of new later-evening service on weekends, in response to your requests.

On the Danbury Branch two weekday, mid-day Danbury-South Norwalk shuttles (one inbound, one outbound) that were temporarily discontinued last winter while grade crossing work was being done will return on November 9.

New timetables are available in Grand Central, at outlying station ticket offices, online, or on our Train Time App. Be sure to pick one up to look for changes to your commute.

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Over the River, Through The Woods

turkeyNo matter where you have to go for your Thanksgiving dinner, Metro-North has the holiday service to get you there! (We're no turkeys!)

A special Thanksgiving Holiday Timetable will be published covering Thursday, November 27 through Sunday, November 30.

And you'll give thanks for taking the train and avoiding traffic, tolls, and all the other headaches that come with driving on one of the busiest travel holidays of the year.

On Wednesday, November 26, take flight on one of our early getaway trains, which begin departing Grand Central at 1 pm. See a new November 9 timetable for details. Because of reduced ridership, some evening trains may be cancelled or combined, so be sure to check the timetable.

On Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 27) we have additional inbound trains for those of you heading to the Macy's Thanksgiving Holiday Parade. And after you've caught a glimpse of the new "GoldieBlox" float (it is a "girl powered spinning machine"), we will have plenty of additional outbound service to get you home (or to whoever's house you are heading to for dinner).

On the Day After Thanksgiving (Friday, November 28) we will operate a Saturday schedule with additional trains AM inbound and PM outbound, so you can take advantage of all those Black Friday sales you probably should have lined up for the night before.

For more details check out our schedules page.

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This Season's Specials

shopping bagsShoppers' Specials Service returns for six weekends between November 22 and December 28. (You can fit a lot of shopping in in that time!)

On Saturdays, November 22 – December 27 look for:

• Two additional Hudson Line trains (one inbound and one outbound).

• Eleven additional outer New Haven Line trains (seven inbound and four outbound).

On Sundays, November 23 – December 21 look for:

• Three additional outer New Haven Line trains (one inbound and two outbound).

See a November 9 timetable for train times, or see our schedules page for more details.

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Speaking of Shopping…

holiday fairGrand Central Terminal's 15th Annual Holiday Fair (November 17 - December 24) is the only holiday market in the city to operate indoors. (Because winter weather should never stop you from shopping…)

The Fair fills Vanderbilt Hall with 76 vendors, each offering a wonderful array of holiday gifts for all your loved ones (as well as for the relatives you aren't so crazy about, but have to get something for anyway) including art, clothing for adults and children, handbags, jewelry and accessories for men and women, bath and body items, home goods, collectible toys, holiday items and gifts for pets.

The Fair is open Monday-Saturday from 10 AM – 8 PM, and Sunday from 11 AM – 7 PM. It's even open on Christmas Eve from 10 AM – 6 PM. (But you'll be all done with your shopping by then, won't you?). It is closed on Thanksgiving.

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Safety Rule of the Issue: Evacuation Instructions

If you were on a train involved in an accident, would you know how to get to safety?

Getting out of our trains in the event of an emergency is a safe and simple process. To learn more click here. Or pick up a print copy of our Evacuation Instructions in Grand Central Terminal or at outlying stations.

A few quick tips:

• Be sure to familiarize yourself with safety signage in cars so you will know how to locate and operate emergency exits.

• Remember that your best protection is to remain calm, and think clearly.

• If you are directed to evacuate to the track level, follow the train crew's directions carefully, watch your step and stay away from the third rail or any downed wires.

We bring you this information because your safety is always our first priority.

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    Courtesy Corner



Here's a list of things not to do on Thanksgiving:

• Deep frying a turkey if you've never done it before. (It is a sure way to start a fire, and your home is one thing that doesn't taste better fried.)

• Over-eating. (Big meals increase the risk of heart attack and drowsiness… not to mention portliness.)

• Arguing with relatives. (You aren't in fighting shape after eating and drinking too much.)

Here are a few things you can do:

• Move inside the car as you board the train so others behind you can enter.

• Don't block the train doorway.

• Lend a hand if you see someone who needs help entering or exiting the train.

These are the courteous things to do, not just during the holidays, but all year round!

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Holiday Kicks!

RCCS marqueYou'll find them at The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and you'll find them for less if you take Metro-North. Save 20% on tickets to select performances through our special offer.

Every year, the Rockettes push themselves further to put on a show that's more dynamic, more challenging and more magical than the last. Take in cherished moments and create new memories.

See more about the show.

See more details on this discount package

See a complete listing of all our discount Getaways. (They make great stocking stuffers.)

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