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What's The Fifth Season?

stormIt’s not Frankie Valli! (Technically, there were only four "Jersey Boys.")

It's Hurricane Season, which runs from June 1 to November 30. But the New York metropolitan region is most vulnerable from August 1 through October.

During this time, significant coastal storms can impact the area at any time. High winds, heavy rains, and dangerous lightning can result in flooding, mudslides, fallen trees, and downed power lines along our right-of-way.

We can't stop the weather's worst from happening, but we can control our team's response to it. In the event of a hurricane or severe storm, we have several operating plans at the ready, depending on the weather's impact.

As with "Irene" and "Superstorm Sandy," we will take appropriate steps before, during and after a hurricane. That may include shutting down the railroad before a storm's arrival. If the weather and the damage associated with it is severe enough, our only options may be to reduce or suspend train service temporarily on a line or line segment.

When the storm is over, we know you want us to return to regular service immediately, and we will do our best to recover quickly. Please keep in mind that sometimes getting back to normal requires some time. We may need to make repairs to our tracks, signal and power systems, or train cars due to storm damage.

We may also need to reposition employees and equipment to begin running service again.

To help you prepare for hurricane season, we recommend the following:

• Sign up for Metro‑North email/text alerts.

• Check for updates. If severe weather requires us to change service, we will post that information on our website. (Also be sure to keep a current timetable handy. It will give you a frame of reference for train departure times if you don't have power to your computer.)

• Download the Metro-North Train Time App for real-time train status and schedule information.

• Listen to radio and television news.

During any storm or emergency, we are in touch with the news media, giving updates on the status of our train service.

 Call our Customer Information Center at 511 (in Connecticut call 877‑690‑5114). They will also have a message giving you the current status of our service.

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And Since It Is Hurricane Season…

leak remediation…we couldn’t pick a better time to move our Grand Central Terminal Leaks Remediation project into high gear.

This project is repairing water leaks from surrounding buildings, streets and sidewalks that damage areas in the Terminal that you can — and cannot — see!

This work will also improve the Terminal’s one-hundred-year-old waterproofing protection system.

Read more.

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…And We're Doing Things By the Book…

elevated substation …The Metro-North Track and Asset Inundation Map Book, to be precise. (It's no "Fifty Shades of Grey," but it's a popular read on the railroad.)

The volume centralizes information about Metro-North’s most weather-vulnerable assets in one spot, allowing for quick identification and protection of important infrastructure should a hurricane or severe weather event happen.

Supervisors in any Metro-North department can use this simple tool to help determine what is likely to flood with a given forecasted elevation of storm surge and plan the actions we should be taking to protect critical infrastructure.

In addition to moving rolling stock to safe areas and shutting the system down, it will enable us to provide temporary storm surge protection for certain vital infrastructure and equipment.

Read more.

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The Gang's All Here

M8The rollout of the new M8s on the New Haven Line has been completed!

With the conditional acceptance of 25 M8 single cars in July, all M4 and M6 triplets have been removed from train service. (They had a good run, but we know you won't miss them!)

M8s now operate during all service periods between New Haven, Stamford and Grand Central Terminal.

Of the original order of 380 M8s, funded by Metro-North and the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the first 38 were built in Kobe, Japan, and the remaining 342 were built at Kawasaki's plant in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Read more.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand "Likes"


The official Metro‑North Instagram page has pictures posted regularly sharing the aesthetic beauty of our territory as well as exclusive historical shots.

eas sketch

See for yourself: Just access Instagram from your smartphone, tablet or computer and follow @mtametronorth.

And if you've ever taken a great shot on our territory and thought: "someone's got to see this," then upload it to your Instagram account and tag @mtametronorth — your photo could be featured!

Also be sure to visit us on:

eas sketch

Facebook ( and

eas sketch

Twitter (@MetroNorth) for information affecting your service.


Read more.

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Safety Rule of the Issue

Hard to believe, but you've fallen asleep while reading that latest business bestseller filled with riveting advice! (Was it "Lean Out," "Never Lean!" or "7 Lean Meals of Highly Effective Power Lunchers"?) When you wake up, you notice your train is pulling away from your destination and you panic.

Do NOT jump up and pull the emergency brake to get the train to stop!

You should only use the emergency brake when a moving train presents an imminent danger to someone's "life and limb."

Otherwise, do not activate that emergency brake (especially in places like the Park Avenue Tunnel). Once the emergency brake cord is pulled, the brakes have to be reset before the train can move again, making it harder for help to arrive and reducing the options for dealing with the emergency.

Just stay on the train until the next stop, and catch the next train back to your station – it's the safer option.

We bring you these reminders because your safety is always our first priority.

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    Courtesy Corner



Someone once said, "It is better to look good than to feel good!" (Probably some egomaniac… or Fernando Lamas.)

But we say that primping on the train – cutting your nails, brushing your hair, flossing your teeth, tweezing – just makes you look bad!

These and other beauty regimes should be performed in the privacy of one's home, and not while traveling on our trains for all to see.

Better to show up for your commute looking your best already. It's the courteous thing to do.

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Fair Deals!

We've got the best deals to this summer's best fairs and festivals! Here just a partial list:

Dutchess County FairImmerse yourself in agriculture at The Dutchess County Fair, August 25 ‑ 29. (Just watch where you step!) There's racing pigs, dock diving dogs, over 50 carnival rides and more on 162 acres of family fun. Is there food, you asked? Over 100 vendors serve everything from deep fried Oreos to full-course meals. If you've never experienced a real county fair, don't wait another summer. We guarantee it will become an annual tradition.

Putnum Wine + Food FestMan does not live by deep fried Oreos alone (but one can dream). Visit Putnam County Wine & Food Festival, August 8 & 9, showcasing renowned wine and spirit producers. The fest, held at Beaver Creek Farm in Patterson, NY, also features beer, cooking demonstrations, food, and arts and crafts from local and international artists. Metro-North customers get 20% off their entry fee and free shuttle service.

Jazz in the valleyYou can feed your love of music at Jazz in the Valley, Sunday, August 16 at beautiful Waryas Park on the banks of the Hudson River.

Spend the day listening to some of the best jazz artists around, including Javon Jackson, Arturo O'Farrill Octet, Tia Fuller, Billy Drummond, Bill Charlap, Ron Carter, Steve Kroon, Kenny Washington, Peter Washington and many, many more.

For more information and tickets, visit or call 845‑384‑6350. Metro-North customers get $10 off festival tickets — just use the promo code MNR2015.

Harlem WeekOne week wasn't enough to contain all Harlem Week has to offer! Events go on from now through August 22!

This year's theme, "Forever Harlem: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," celebrates the 40th anniversary of Harlem Week. And the events are bigger and better than ever with free concerts, street fairs, sports events, movies, health seminars and cultural activities. It's a month-long, non-stop tribute to the vibrancy and vitality of the Harlem community, and you are welcome to join in the celebration.

See a complete list of Harlem Week events or call 212‑862‑8477 for more info.

To get there take our Hudson, Harlem or New Haven Line to Harlem-125th St. Station and walk a few short blocks to the festivities.

See all of our more than fair deals!

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