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A Quick Look at Summer Track Work…

Learn about the many improvements we will be making along our right-of-way this summer in this short video featuring Metro-North's Vice President — Chief Engineer, Maintenance of Way Glen Hayden.

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…And What We've Done So Far This Year

eas sketch
Even without all the work we have planned for the summer, our crews have had a busy 2015.

Here's what we accomplished along our right-of-way as of the end of May:

On the Hudson Line
we've installed:
  On the Harlem Line
we've installed:
  On the New Haven Line
we've installed:
• 4,459 new ties   • 576 new ties   • 176 ties
• 9,146 feet of new rail   • 940 feet of new rail   • 9,728 feet of new rail
• 3 new switches   • 2 new switches   • 5 new switches

In addition to all of this, we've:

• Installed six new switches in Grand Central. See more details.

• Surfaced 38 miles of track on all three lines. (Surfacing ensures the vertical evenness/smoothness of our track, providing you with a more comfortable ride.)

• Welded 516 joints (the point where two sections of rail meet) on all three lines and on our Port Jervis, Line West-of-Hudson.

Vigorous inspection of our right-of-way continues using the latest in Track Inspection technology to monitor the condition of our ties, rail and track geometry (including the horizontal and vertical layout of our track, as well as the gauge—the distance between the inside edge of the two rails that make up a section of track).

All of this is in addition to our addition to our Station Enhancement Program work associated with improvements to Walk bridge and Devon bridge.

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Time For A Punch

eas sketch Our conductors may ask to see your monthly ticket so they can "punch" it.

This is part of our random inspection program, which helps us to spot counterfeit or outdated tickets.

So when our conductor asks to see your monthly ticket, please comply so that they can do their job thoroughly. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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      Hooray for the
Red, Green & Blue...
July 4 Holiday Service

Declare your independence from traffic and tolls this July 4th holiday by taking Metro-North to celebrate our nation's birthday.

• We'll have plenty of early getaway trains on Thursday, July 2.

• On Friday, July 3 we will operate a Saturday schedule.

• On Saturday, July 4 we will operate a Saturday schedule.

  See full details.
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Safety Rule of the Issue

bronxThe MTA and Metro-North are dedicated to doing all we can to make riding our trains as safe as possible, including investing in new technologies and initiatives. Most recently, we have partnered with Operation Lifesaver, the leading national organization devoted to safety education, particularly when it comes to railroad crossings.

However, safety is everyone's responsibility – including yours. There are simple steps you can take to avoid injury in our stations or on board our trains.

So we encourage you to visit our Ride Safely Page for tips and information that can help you do your part to ride safely and securely.

We bring you this information because your safety is always our first priority.

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    Courtesy Corner



Boy, that last episode of GOT (that's Game of Thrones for the five of you out there who don't watch it) had everything you could want in a season finale.

There were a few brutal stabbings, a hanging, and a walk of shame sans wardrobe...

It made for an entertaining episode, one that you would probably want to watch repeatedly on your iPad or laptop.

Just please don't do it while riding on our trains. You neighbor may not appreciate seeing dragons eviscerating and burning countless bad guys, or characters walking around in the buff.

Best to enjoy those things in a more private setting…
It's the courteous thing to do!

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downtonbusSee The Light!!

Take our discount Getaway package to historic Sheffield Island Lighthouse! Board the 45‑foot CJ Toth Quest ferry for a cruise to the island. Then tour the lighthouse, observe wildlife in their natural habitat, hunt for shells along the beach, dine on a picnic lunch, play on the lawns around the lighthouse, and just have a good time. The lighthouse grounds provide magnificent views of Long Island Sound and, on a clear day, of the New York City skyline.

For more information, including tour times, visit

To go on this tour, you MUST CALL 203-838-9444 to confirm a reservation date and give a weekend telephone contact.

Once you confirm your dates, purchase your package from any Metro-North ticket office, full-service ticket vending machine (excluding South Norwalk Station) or through WebTicket. WebTicket purchase must be made at least 5 business days in advance of travel date.

Getting there is easy: Take the New Haven Line to South Norwalk Station. The ferry dock is located on Water Street, a short walk from the train station. Check here for an ITINERARY.

See more details.

See all of our discount Getaways for some "hot" fun this summer!

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