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What You Thought About Last Year

Customer Satisfaction Graph Metro-North's low 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey ratings were not unexpected and reflect the negative effects of the most challenging period in the railroad's history.

Your rating for Overall Satisfaction with Metro-North was 73% — a full 20 points below 2013.

Since 2010, when the current survey rating scale was instituted, Metro-North had achieved a 93% rating for Overall Satisfaction in 3 of the 4 years prior to 2014.

The survey was distributed in late June of last year, following a period marred by several serious incidents which caused the railroad to perform below our — and your — expectations.

We asked you to rate your satisfaction with us among a variety of characteristics, which were divided into 7 major service categories. All 7 of these categories declined compared to last year.

See more details.

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Safety vs. Reliability

Train on trackIt was a tough autumn this past year: Following after a period of more reliable service in the summer, you experienced a significant increase in train delays in the 6-10 minute range.

We want to explain the factors delaying your commute.

Many of the delays were attributable to track work-both planned and unplanned — as we continue to focus on safety and work to bring the infrastructure to a state of good repair.

During the fall, we performed as much track work as possible before the winter months make that work impossible so we could reduce the number of speed restrictions in place on the railroad.

Our train schedules allow us to operate a full schedule while still taking tracks out of service to perform inspections safely and make necessary repairs. Nonetheless, our aggressive track work resulted in fewer tracks available for service and reduced our operating flexibility so when problems arose, we could not operate around them as easily.

We also had an increase in the number of speed restrictions due to enhanced track inspections. These also delayed train service.

And despite our proactive approach to combat them, slip-slide conditions contributed to delays as well throughout the fall into early December. This is a typical occurrence for the season.

See more details.

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We've Got A New Cellular Service!

Wireless LCD MonitorNo, it isn't for our phone. (We have two years before we can get out of that agreement.) It's for our new wireless station LCD monitors.

They boast cellular connectivity, and as a result time is saved, resources are spared, and you get updated train information on the spot.

The new cellular LCD monitors display the next nine trains that arrive at the station, the stops they will make, departure times, real-time train status and track information.

The information is generated through an application developed in-house with immediate feeds from Metro-North's signal system.

Aside from more info, there are other benefits to going cellular.

Previously, when real-time train status information was initially introduced at stations, traditional and more costly hardwired technology was used.

By utilizing wireless connectivity, hands-on work and costs are dramatically reduced and the time to install new monitors is considerably shorter.

See more details.

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Rack 'Em Up!

Prototype Bike Mount SystemThe Connecticut Department of Transportation & Metro-North are conducting an extended test of a prototype bike mount system specifically designed and manufactured for the M8 fleet.

At press time, a total of 50 M8 cars (odd car numbers 9101 through 9199) have been fitted with a pair of bicycle racks.

We are looking for customer feedback before a decision is made on whether to expand installation of these racks to the remainder of the M8 fleet. Bicycle enthusiasts can submit their comments to

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Safety Rule of the Issue

So for 2015 you've resolved to take fewer selfies and dress more professionally. (Obviously you are not Kim Kardashian.)

Change is good. But there are some things you should continue doing in the New Year, such as

• Always watching the gap when you get on and off the train.

• Always watching your step. Water and slush from umbrellas and boots can glaze over with the slightest drop in temperature, creating slippery surfaces on platforms and stairs.

• Always using designated walkways to get to/from your station.

We bring you these reminders every month because your safety is always our first priority, and that never changes.

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    Courtesy Corner



Everyone loves a rebel who refuses to obey the rules… right?

....There was James Dean (the original Rebel Without a Cause), that guy from The Breakfast Club (Judd Nelson, don't you forget about him…) and Princess Leia Organa (no matter what galaxy she was living in, that certainly was a "rebellious" hair style).

So while we salute all you "rebels" out there, when you are riding in our Quiet Cars we ask that you make an exception and follow these rules:

• Do not use your cell phone.

• Disable sound features on computers & other electronic devices.

• Conduct conversations in a subdued voice.

• Use headphones at a volume that cannot be heard by fellow passengers.

It is the courteous, not rebellious, thing to do!

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Resolve to Get Out More This Year!

And save some money while you're at it with Metro-North's Discount Getaway packages!

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space MuseumFor starters, you can get your "sea legs" on land by visiting The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. This legendary aircraft carrier houses the space shuttle Enterprise. Also on display are more than two dozen authentically restored aircraft, including the Lockheed A-12 Blackbird, the world's fastest military jet and spy plane, and the British Airways Concorde, the fastest commercial aircraft to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean. The Museum also includes the submarine Growler, the only American guided missile submarine open to the public.

Gray Line's New York City Night TourFor those who only get up after the sun goes down, we have the Gray Line's New York City Night Tour Board one of their famous double-decker buses (sans guided missiles) for a tour of Brooklyn after dark (it's when the hipsters come out) and jaw dropping views of the glittering Manhattan Skyline. Enjoy the evening ambiance of Times Square, Chinatown, the Empire State Building, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Little Italy… and more. A licensed tour guides will narrate the history of all the famous sights of this magnificent city for your enjoyment.

Packages include discount event/tour admission, and may be purchased at any Metro-North ticket office or full-service ticket vending machine, and through WebTicket.

See a complete listing of all our discount Getaways.

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