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New Schedules Effective April 26
Improve Reliability, Accommodate Infrastructure Improvements

New Schedules
Our new schedules that go into effect on Sunday, April 26 continue to ensure a safe operation of service while:

• Improving reliability;

• Allowing for critical track work and capital construction projects to occur


• Addressing customer requests.

On weekends, travel times will be temporarily lengthened to accommodate several critical infrastructure projects. Also, some service adjustments have been made to address issues you raised.

What to Look For on All Lines
Minor adjustments in the AM and PM Peak involve changes of one to two minutes to improve reliability and better reflect actual operating performance.

As the summer construction season begins, several critical infrastructure projects will get under way. These projects require continuous track outages over several weekends from Friday evening until early Monday morning. This also limits our operating flexibility, which could result in some potential weekend service delays. As a result, five minutes of additional running time is added to virtually all weekend trains. See a new timetable for details.

On the Hudson Line

In response to your requests, the Greystone stop on the 7:39 AM train from Irvington, which was eliminated in 2014, will be restored.

Also, the 10:55 PM semi-express from Croton-Harmon will be combined with the 11 PM local from Croton-Harmon.

To accommodate a culvert replacement project near Poughkeepsie, the 8:59 AM weekday train from Poughkeepsie will now depart at 9:15 AM, adding stops at Ossining and Tarrytown.

On the Harlem Line

We've heard you, and we're fixing the overcrowding on the 6:51 AM weekday train from Southeast.

With the schedule change, this train will instead originate at Goldens Bridge.

Customers who usually take this crowded morning train can now take the 7:01 AM from Southeast, which makes fewer stops and arrives at Grand Central Terminal just two minutes after the 6:51 AM train.

And to alleviate overcrowding on the 7:01 AM train, it will no longer stop at White Plains.

Finally, to reduce the potential for train congestion in the AM Peak, the 6 AM from Wassaic will depart 11 minutes earlier, at 5:49 AM, and arrive at Grand Central Terminal at 7:53 AM, 12 minutes earlier than it currently does.

On weekends, the 4:02 PM, 5:02 PM, and 6:02 PM trains from Mount Kisco — and the 2:22 PM and 3:22 PM from Grand Central Terminal to Mount Kisco — are extended to/from Southeast. This provides half-hourly service to most Upper Harlem Line stations.

Also, a new train will depart Grand Central Terminal at 1:22 PM and make select stops between Scarsdale and Southeast, extending the period during which half-hourly service is provided on weekend afternoons.

On the New Haven Line

Because of low ridership, the 4:29 PM "through" train from Grand Central Terminal to Danbury will return to operating as a shuttle train from Stamford to Danbury.

Those of you commuting from Grand Central Terminal to Stamford will now travel four minutes later on the 4:33 PM train to New Haven.

This change, however, will not result in a reduction in the number of "through" trains serving Danbury.

That's because we are adding a new "through" train to Danbury, departing Grand Central Terminal at 8:01 PM, making stops at Greenwich, then all main line and Danbury Branch stops from Stamford to Danbury.

The existing 9:18 PM shuttle from South Norwalk to Danbury is replaced by this new train.

With this change, Danbury Branch customers who work late will have the opportunity for a more convenient commute home at night, without having to change trains on their journey.

This new train will also take the place of the 8:03 PM train from Grand Central to New Haven. Customers on that train will be now served by the 8:07 PM train to New Haven, which will make additional stops at Stamford, East Norwalk, Green's Farms, and Southport.

These changes will better serve several hundred New Haven Line main line customers as well as Danbury Branch customers.

On the Waterbury Branch

Two major projects will impact Waterbury Branch service between April and October:

• From April 25 through May 3, track work will be performed on the Waterbury Branch. Substitute bus service will be provided at all times during this nine-day outage. Look for seat drops and station posters, or click here for bus service details.

• From May 4 through early October, a steel repair project on the Devon Movable Bridge will prevent Waterbury Branch trains from accessing the main line and Bridgeport station, where connections are normally made.

During this time a temporary platform will be built to permit transfers between Waterbury Branch and main line trains. Known as "Devon Transfer", it will be located where the Waterbury Branch track connects with the main line just west of Milford. The temporary platform will have lights and a public address system. See station signs or click here for more details.

New timetables will be available in Grand Central and at outlying stations the week of April 20, or you can view them here.

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They're HGTV-Worthy…

Brewster Before and After EnhancementsEvery year, our Station Enhancement Gangs do such a tremendous job beautifying our stations that we're expecting them to get a call from the Home & Garden Television channel any minute now!

But even without a station improvement show, these gangs are stars in our eyes for the very positive feedback we've received from customers about their quality work.

And starting in early April, our gangs will be busy on the Harlem and Hudson Lines again.

On the schedule is the completion of improvements that were started last year at Hartsdale, Scarsdale, Purdy's and Croton Falls stations on the Harlem Line. (While our gangs work tirelessly to finish each year's work, it is always subject to weather and logistical challenges.)

On the Hudson Line, spruce-ups are planned for Spuyten Duyvil, Marble Hill, University Heights and Morris Heights.

See full details on the work, and some examples of stations before and after their enhancements.

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Info On The Go Just Got Better…

Train Time App…thanks to new upgrades to Metro-North's popular Train Time app!

The enhanced range of travel information, as well as improved search and navigation options, are designed to make your getting info on your trip easier with just a few taps on your smartphones!

What more info can you possibly get from using this app? With this year's upgrades you can:

• Search by arrival times

• Use the enhanced "favorites" editing

• Explore larger maps

• Reverse your favorite trips

• Find your station using a simplified search process

• Receive improved service alerts

Combine these improvements with current app capabilities—real-time train status and track information, invaluable emergency service alerts and service advisory notices on planned changes, station information, schedules and fares, elevator/escalator status, parking availability and discount getaway packages—and you "have it all" in the palm of your hands!AppStore icon

So if you already have our Train Time app, be sure to update it today!

GooglePlay iconAnd if you don't, the free app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones… Download it today!

See more details.

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Safety Rule of the Issue

We can’t state this too often: Tracks are only for trains!

Unfortunately, some people continue to jog, ride bikes, and walk near or over tracks daily, endangering their lives and the lives of train crews and customers.

A lot of people believe they will hear the oncoming train. You won’t! Electric trains are very quiet, and you will not hear one coming until it is too late.

Some believe that a train will be able to stop in time. It won't! It takes a train traveling 50 mph a mile-and-a-half to stop.

That is why we ask you to stay off the tracks at all times, and only use designated crossings/overpasses/underpasses to get to and from your station.

We bring you these reminders because trespassing along a railroad right-of-way is the leading cause of rail-related deaths in America, and because your safety is our first priority.

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    Courtesy Corner



When Russian composer Igor Stravinsky debuted The Rite of Spring before a packed theater in Paris, it caused a riot! (Who knew people wouldn't love a bassoon solo!)

Don't make the same mistake as Stravinsky! When commuting on our trains this spring, please refrain from the following "rites" that might upset your fellow travelers:

• Don't leave your trash on the train: Take it with you and dispose of it in the proper receptacles.

• Don't put your feet on the seats. They are for sitting only!

• Turn down the volume when using your personal devices so other don't have to listen to your games, movies or music (especially if you are listening to Stravinsky)!

• Also keep the volume down when you are talking on your phone. Move to the vestibule if possible if you are making a long call.

It's the courteous thing to do. (And by doing all of the above, you will avoid being called a "bassoon.")

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Speaking of the "Rites" of Spring…

After a long hard winter, you have earned the "rite" to enjoy some of the region's best sites and attractions now that the warm weather is finally here!

And the best way to do that is with one of our discount Getaways packages.

Circle Line CruiseIf you are in an "Empire State" of mind, why not see the Manhattan skyline from a Circle Line Cruise, or wander by Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Cypresses at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Or, for another kind of "art," you can hang out with the life-like sculptures of celebrities at Madame Tussauds in Times Square. See more details.

If you are looking to "get outta town," why not take a chance on one of our packages to Foxwoods Resort or Mohegan Sun! (Getting there won't be a gamble.)

Walkway Over the HudsonOr get your thrills from the spectacular views from the "Walkway Over the Hudson," spanning 1.28 miles and 212 feet above New York's most famous river. See more details.

We've got dozens of packages and trips to choose from. See for yourself.

See a complete listing of all our discount Getaways.

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