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Putting the Jolly Back In Holiday Travel!


Metro-North Christmas/New Year's Holiday Service (December 24, 2014 – January 2, 2015)
You'll be "laughing all the way" past traffic and tolls when you take Metro-North to get around this holiday season. (And you won't need to wear any "bells" on your "bobtail" either!)

Be sure to look for our special Christmas/New Year's Eve Holiday Timetable (effective December 25-26, and December 31 – January 2) or visit our schedules page.

Some highlights:
On Christmas Eve (Wednesday, December 24), we've got early getaway trains departing Grand Central beginning at 1 PM. (Because even Scrooge let his employees leave early on Christmas Eve…) See a current November 9 timetable for train times or visit our schedules page.

On Christmas Day (Thursday, December 25), our Special Holiday Schedule will be in effect featuring hourly service. See our Christmas/New Year's Eve Holiday Timetable or visit our schedules page.

For New Year's Eve (Wednesday, December 31), we will operate a special weekday schedule with:

• Reduced AM peak and PM peak service, to match service and train crew resources with the reduced passenger demand;

• Additional inbound trains in the afternoon/early evening (for those of you preparing to "party hearty" in the city);

• Hourly service outbound after 8 PM (for those who prefer to "party early");

• Our traditional post-midnight outbound service between midnight and 5 AM (for all of you professional party goers).

Please remember that drinking alcohol on Metro-North trains and at our stations is banned from noon New Year's Eve until noon New Year's Day. (Because there comes a time when the party really does have to end…)

On New Year's Day (Thursday, January 1, 2015), we will operate hourly service, with two additional mid-day trains to New Haven to accommodate higher demand between noon and 2 PM.

On Friday, January 2, we will operate a Saturday schedule with additional AM inbound and PM outbound trains.

See full details on service.

All of us at Metro-North wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

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CT Department Of TransportationCT Department Of Transportation
New Haven Line Fare Increase
Effective January 1, 2015

A Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) fare increase of 1% goes into effect on the Connecticut portion of the New Haven Line on January 1, 2015.

This is the fourth of seven consecutive annual increases requested by CTDOT to help finance the new M8 cars.

This increase will affect ticket prices for travel:

• Between stations within Connecticut

• Between Connecticut and New York stations

• Some fares may not change due to rounding and the small percentage of the increase.

The fare increase does not affect travel to/from stations within New York State. See new fares.

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Shop 'Til You Drop!

shopping bagsOur Shoppers' Specials Service remains in effect through December 28. (Because who can resist those post-holiday sales?)

On Saturdays through December 27 look for:

• Two additional Hudson Line trains (one inbound and one outbound).

• Eleven additional outer New Haven Line trains; seven inbound and four outbound.

On Sundays, through December 28 look for:

• Three additional outer New Haven Line trains (one inbound and two outbound).

See a November 9 timetable for train times or see our schedules page for more details. Or download our free Train Time App.

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When Jack Frost Is Nipping At Your Nose (And Other Parts) is a sure sign winter is almost upon us. That is why we present the following information to help you stay informed about any changes inclement weather may have on your commute.

Clip and keep the phone numbers and web addresses for easy reference, and be sure to read our GUIDE TO WINTER WEATHER TRAVEL ON METRO-NORTH. Also be sure to sign up for free email/text service alerts at


MTA Metro-North Railroad Customer Information Center

511 (from Connecticut, dial 877–690–5114)
Westchester County Bee Line Bus Dutchess County Loop
914–813–7777 845–473–8424
Transport of Rockland
(TZ Express)
  MTA New York City Transit
(Including MTA Bus)
845–364–3333   511
Putnam County Transit   New York Waterway
845–878–7433   800–53–Ferry
Ulster-Poughkeepsie LINK   Newburgh-Beacon Shuttle
845–340–3333   800-MAGIC17
Housatonic Area Regional Transit
  LAZ Parking
(Metro-North owned/operated facilities)
203–744–4070   1-888-682-PARK
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Safety Rule of the Issue

Autumn may be over, but that other “slip-slide” season is just beginning. (Yes, we mean winter…) That is why we want to remind you to:

Watch for icy conditions in station parking lots and on sidewalks, stairs, and platforms.

Use stair handrails. Water dripping from overcoats, boots and umbrellas can ice up with the slightest temperature drop, creating slippery conditions.

Use caution even after you board your train. Snow and slush from boots can make train floors slippery.

Avoid moving from car to car, especially on a moving train. Icy conditions may exist in the areas between cars.

We bring you these reminders because, no matter what the season, your safety is always our first priority.

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Courtesy Corner



Once again, we have spanned the globe (ok, we used Google) to bring you some of the wildest and weirdest New Year's traditions.

shopping bags

For starters, Bolivians change their underwear at midnight. (Hey, it's a new year. Why not start fresh?)

shopping bags

In Scotland, there is a custom of parading through the streets while swinging great blazing balls of fire around. (In honor of Jerry Lee Lewis, we assume…)

shopping bags

In Romania, farmers try to hear their animals talk at midnight, which signifies good luck for the coming year. (Or maybe, it means that they've just had too much to drink and are desperate for some good conversation!)

We don't care who you talk to, or when you change your underwear. All we ask in the New Year is that you follow these well-established and sensible traditions while commuting:

• Keep your feet off the seats.

• Take your trash with you when you leave the train.

• Respect the rules of the Quiet Car.

• Continue to use your smartphone sparingly.

It's the courteous thing to do, year-round!

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Stocking Stuffers & Holiday Happenings

Get your "holiday kicks" and take Metro-North to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular through December 31.
CT Department Of Transportation

Save 20% on tickets to select performances through our special offer. Just use code MNR2014 to save when you purchase your tickets. Click here to purchase tickets or for complete information about performance dates and times and ticket availability, or call Ticketmaster at 866–858–0007.

Or take Metro-North to the New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show through January 19.
RCCS marqueNew York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show

Step into this annual New York tradition, with large scale model trains running past more than 150 New York landmarks re-created with nuts, bark, leaves, and other plant parts. For all the details, visit or call 718–817–8700.

And don't forget to visit the 13th Annual Holiday Train Show at the Transit Museum in Grand Central.

Also, the Museum's store and booth at the Holiday Fair in Vanderbilt Hall (along with 76 other vendors) offer great gifts for your holiday shopping!

See a complete list of these and all our Getaway packages. (They make great stocking stuffers!)

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