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New Haven and Harlem Line Schedule Adjustments Effective Monday, July 7

Catenary ProjectMetro-North will make adjustments to its New Haven and Harlem Line service this Monday, July 7 after closely monitoring performance, taking customer counts and listening to customer suggestions following the implementation of its May 11 schedule change.

These changes are intended to improve the customer experience by reducing crowding and enhancing connections.

Key changes to look for on the New Haven Line include:

In the AM peak, the 6:50 AM all-stops local from Stamford to Grand Central Terminal will depart Stamford six minutes later, at 6:56 AM. This change will restore a connection with the 5:48 AM train from New Haven, which arrives at Stamford at 6:52 AM. Customers will save up to 28 minutes of travel time as a result of this connection.

In the PM Peak, the 6:35 PM train from Grand Central Terminal to New Haven will depart Grand Central four minutes earlier, at 6:31 PM. This change is being made in response to a crowding issue on this train.

On the Danbury Branch: The Connecticut Department of Transportation, its signal contractor, and Metro-North will wrap up remediation work on the branch's grade crossing systems by July 7th. As a result, off-peak and weekend train service, which has been replaced by bus service since earlier this year, will resume.

Key changes to look for on the Harlem Line include:

• The 6:46 AM from Goldens Bridge to Grand Central Terminal will depart from White Plains station two minutes earlier at 7:16 AM.

• The 7:11 AM local from North White Plains to Grand Central Terminal will operate six minutes later.

• The 7:34 AM express from North White Plains to Grand Central Terminal will operate one minute later and arrive in Grand Central two minutes later.

See more details.

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Taking Action

Catenary ProjectMetro-North recently issued its 100-Day Report on the Action Plan established by President Joseph J. Giulietti, which focused the railroad's efforts on improving safety, restoring reliability and improving communications.

Of 32 initiatives established in the Action Plan, 21 have been fully implemented, seven are in progress and two will be pursued after outside entities submit independent reports. Two more initiatives – implementing a "back to basics" plan for train reliability and service delivery, and communicating service delivery information to customers and elected officials – will remain ongoing, long-term Metro-North priorities.

Read the report.

See President Joe Giulietti's letter.

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Are You Feeling Cooler?

Catenary ProjectNo, it's probably not the haircut, or the "short pants" suit you are sporting…

Grand Central Terminal is now a cooler, more energy-efficient place when it comes to air conditioning. That's because Metro-North Railroad has replaced five old cooling towers atop the terminal with four new more energy efficient ones.

The work, which happened in the middle of the night, required a massive crane to be erected on the street to hoist the huge cooling towers up and over the south façade of the terminal. The viaduct roadway that encircles the terminal also was closed while the crane worked.

The cooling towers work in tandem with the chillers that are in the subbasement of the Terminal.

See more details.

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Walking the Walk

Catenary ProjectEvery time the 118-year-old WalkBridge, the swing bridge spanning the Norwalk River, fails to close properly, those of you who ride our New Haven Line suffer the consequences of decades of delay and neglect. (Metro-North is required to open the Walk Bridge for marine traffic when requested.)

Metro-North and Connecticut officials agree that an effective plan needs to be put in place regarding issues with the Walk.

That is why MTA Chairman & CEO Thomas F. Prendergast and Metro-North President Joe Giulietti recently met with Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Connecticut Transportation Commissioner James P. Redeker to develop a multi-pronged approach with short- and long-term strategies addressing the infrastructure needs of the span.

See more details.

See a video of the current state of the bridge.

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Safety Rule of the Issue

If you should see a fellow commuter fall ill, would you know what to do?

Do not pull the emergency cord, especially if you are between stations. The train will stop, preventing medical professionals from reaching the sick passenger. A sick person is better off if the train goes to the nearest station where police and medical services will be waiting or can be quickly summoned, without interruption.

Instead, notify a member of the train crew immediately, or have someone else do it while you stay with the person in distress.

If you are a qualified medical professional and can assist, let the train crew know.

We bring you these monthly reminders because your safety is always our first priority.

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    Courtesy Corner

Be Nice


Emily Post (if that really is her name) tells us good grooming "demonstrates respect for yourself and for others."

What Ms. Post doesn't tell us is that doing that grooming in public may be too much of a "good thing," and actually shows a lack of respect for others.

Nail clipping (fingers or toes), flossing (of teeth, or any other body part), hair plucking (yours or your partner's), … these are best left to be done in one's boudoir, and not while riding on our trains. (Ms. Post, please make a note of this for future reference.)

It's the courteous thing to do!

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Unleash Your Inner Khaleesi!

Catenary ProjectYou know that riding Rye Playland's famous Dragon Coaster makes you feel just like the dragon-taming Dothraki princess on Game of Thrones (known as the Khaleesi to her loyal subjects)!

And you can feel that way and save $$$ by taking Metro-North's discount package to Rye Playland (Now through Sept. 1, closed Mondays).

Of course if riding dragons, or feeling like a princess, isn't your thing, you can always try the Super Flight Coaster, Music Express and Double Shot. There are more than 50 major and junior rides and attractions at Playland, as well as a beach, pool, and pier on Long Island Sound, lake boating, entertainment, fireworks, lots of great food, and much more.

Purchase your package from any Metro-North ticket office or full-service ticket vending machine (excluding Rye Station), or from WebTicket. To get there, take the New Haven Line to Rye where the No. 75 bus to Playland will meet specific trains throughout the day.

See more details on our Playland Getaway package.

See a full listing of our discount Getaways.

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