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Spring Brings Track & Infrastructure Improvements

trackwork Spring brings flowers, birds, bunnies… and the return of our program of aggressive track and infrastructure improvements to our territory. (It isn’t cute, but it is necessary!) The following work is critical to the safety and reliability of the railroad:

• A New Interlocking in the Bronx The installation of a new interlocking (a key location where signals and switches operated by our Rail Traffic Controllers allow trains to be directed from one track to another), north of Fordham Station will provide Metro‑North with more flexibility in routing trains (inbound and outbound). Construction is expected to begin in May and last through September. In all, the new interlocking will have five crossover points (crossovers are the actual points where trains can switch from one track to the other), allowing us to alleviate any unanticipated train congestion in this critical area where the Harlem and New Haven lines operate on the same tracks.

• New Third Rail in the Park Avenue Tunnel Final details are being ironed out for the replacement of the existing Third Rail system that provides power to our trains on all four (4) tracks in the Park Avenue Tunnel.

We plan to install a new high-conductivity aluminum Third Rail system, complete with new fiberglass brackets, insulators, channels, hook bolts, cable jumpers, and 700 volt DC feeder cables.

• Improved Drainage We also plan to do some drainage improvements starting in late summer/early fall in the area of Tremont and Melrose Stations, after finishing a complete assessment of the work needed.

Improving drainage is always a good proactive strategy toward maintaining our right-of-way/track bed.

See more details.

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Croton-Harmon Goes Contemporary

croton sketchDon't worry: Everyone in town is not suddenly wearing skinny jeans and sporting new "ink." (That's slang for tattoos, for the "unhip" among us…!)

However, work is underway to redesign our busy Croton-Harmon Station, giving it a modern airy and light-filled look, plus a more efficient layout.

The Croton-Harmon Overpass project started in mid-March and is expected to be completed in February 2016. The work will be done in phases of approximately 1/3 of the station per stage, going from south to north.

To ensure that there is as little disruption as possible for customers using the station, we plan to temporarily relocate the concession stand downstairs to the parking lot level in early May (because everyone needs that first cup of "joe" in the morning), while the ticket window is slated to move to the parking lot level at the end of July/early August. (Both will "do business" from space formerly occupied by the old dry cleaners.)

See more details.

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What's Been Going on Down There?

eas sketch Up to now, you probably haven't noticed much of the massive construction work associated with bringing the Long Island Rail Road's (LIRR) East Side Access to Grand Central Terminal.

But that will soon change.

The MTA recently awarded a contract to build the future 375,000 square-foot LIRR passenger train concourse, which will bring construction from 140 feet below-ground up to the Terminal's Lower Level Dining Concourse… and other places.

So you will soon start to see what's been going on right underneath your feet. (Be sure to look for signs and listen for announcements on the upcoming work.)

See more details.

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We Love the Bronx!

bronx What do Grandmaster Flash, Colin Powell, Rita Moreno and Ace Frehley have in common?

They are all from the Bronx! And you can celebrate the people, places, and history of this legendary borough during Bronx Week (May 7‑17).

There will be outdoor performances, trolley tours, a salute to veterans and a Grand Finale Parade, Food, Art Festival and Concert on Moshulu Parkway on May 17.

For more details visit

And be sure to take Metro-North to see the festivities.

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Safety Rule of the Issue

It appears most people think they just can't live without their smartphone.

But, the reality is you can! And that is why you should never try to retrieve it should it slip from your hand while you are waiting on the platform and land on our tracks.

Instead, let a Metro‑North employee or member of the train crew know, and they will arrange to have it retrieved for you.

Remember: Your life is more valuable than a smartphone.

We bring you these reminders because your safety is always our first priority.

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    Courtesy Corner



Some of us fancy ourselves as multitaskers, able to read emails, tweet, update of Facebook status and talk on our smartphones while walking. (Leave walking and chewing gum at the same time to the amateurs!)

But scientific research shows that we really aren't as good as we think we are at doing several things at once. In fact, the practice actually results in doing almost nothing well.

Maybe that is why it isn't uncommon to see someone standing or walking slowly in a busy passageway in Grand Central, typing or talking on their smartphone while inadvertently blocking or slowing their fellow commuters from getting to their destination. (Or, worse still, having a head-on collision with someone else who is "multitasking" while "walking.")

If you are going to "multitask" on your smartphone, be sure to do it in a location that will not inconvenience others… like your office!

It's the courteous thing to do!

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In Vino Veritas

vinoWe're telling the truth when we say you should take Metro-North to the Hudson Valley Wine Tour, (Saturdays, May 23, June 20 & July 18) to sample some of the best wines in the region.

Let us "spirit" you away for a day-long tour of Hudson Valley wineries and wine tasting when you step on the shuttle bus after getting off our train at Poughkeepsie Station.

You will visit Robibero Family Vineyards, Whitecliff Vineyard, and Hudson Valley Wine Market, all just a few minutes apart. (There is barely time to cleanse you palate!)

Experience a beautiful piece of Hudson Valley Wine Country by the scenic Shawangunk Ridge in Gardiner and New Paltz, and taste world-class wines (to boot)!

It is no wonder Wine Enthusiast awarded New York State "Wine Region of the Year" last year.

For complete information, visit or call 845‑255‑0600.

Reservations must be made at least 72 hours in advance by visiting or by calling 845‑255‑0600.

And you must be 21 and over to attend. Getting there is easy: Take the Hudson Line to Poughkeepsie Station where the shuttle will meet the train arriving Poughkeepsie at 10:39 AM.

Of course, if you are a '"teetotaler" we have plenty of other Getaways that are "vino" free (as opposed to featuring "free vino"). See more details.

downtonbusThere's the Gray Line Downtown Sightseeing Tour which includes stops at the Empire State Building, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, the World Trade Center site, and more. It even goes to Brooklyn, the "hippest" borough on earth!

hudson walkway

Or try that other “high line”: New York’s Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park,the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge, stretching 1.28 miles, 212 feet above the Hudson River.  It’s free, and easy to get to from Poughkeepsie Station on our Hudson Line.

See a complete listing of all our discount Getaways.

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